WINNER ANNOUNCED!! List your Starting 5 Comp

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  1. Partagas Culebras -- I know this probably sounds crazy, but if you have smoked any recent examples you might think likewise. They are, by FAR, the most consistent cigar I've ever smoke box - to - box. Always consistently perfect draw and burn, and always the same consistent mustiness which is unique in itself. TUA AGO 20, MSU JUN 19
  2. Juan Lopez No 2 - Probably my favorite robusto in Habanos' portfolio. MGL JUN 20
  3. Partagas Shorts - My daily driver stick. REG NOV 18;  LMB NOV 18, UGO MAR 19, as well as a few other random ends of boxes that are dryboxing.
  4. Partagas Lusitanias - As you can tell I like my partagas, but how could I not? SOU JUL 20
  5. Monte 2 - Gift from the girlfriend. What a great gift. TRU FEB 19
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Michael Jordan: Cohiba Esplendidos  Scottie Pippen: Monte 4 (MOB DIC 14) Dennis Rodman: RASS Ron Harper: HUHC (SOU NOV 19) Toni Kukoc: Trinidad Fundadores   Steve Kerr 6t

Currently, it would have to be the following... Cohiba Siglo VI ARG Jun 2015 Montecristo No.5 AUM Jul 2014 Por Larranaga Montecarlos LGR Oct 2017 Punch 48 LGR Oct 2018

1. RGPC (SOM MAR 16) 2. Hoyo du Depute (18 and 19s) 3. CoRo (GOS ENE 18) 4, 5, 6 Partagas Serie du Connaisseur 1, 2, 3 (1999, 2000, 1998). I guess that's 6, so scratch out the PSDC

Trinidad Fundadores - C

Partagas E2 - PF

Por Larrañaga Montecarlos - SF


San Cristobal el Principe - SG


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Monte 4 years 2014-18

e2 5 pack 2017

Upman magnum 50 Gel code 2020

upman 2 gem code 2020 are gorgeous along with a 2014 oct box

partaga muduro 1 2018 blt code

Special mention for a P2 10 box 2019 

code utl 

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1. BFF (LTO JUN 20).  These are quickly becoming my favorite “longer smoke”.  Restraint has to be had for the two boxes I have that are even younger.

2. Partagas Shorts - BOE AUG 18 in particular has been a really good box as @Lrabold89 can attest to.

3. Trinidad Vigia (MTS JUL 20) - had one wind tunnel, but it still was delicious.  

4. Trinidad Reyes (BSM ENE 20) - loved these from the first box I got, onto a second of the same code.

5. H Upmann Mag 46 (ABO ENE 19) - always delivers, one of the cigars that I’ve liked since my first exposure to CCs.

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RASS 2020 - Love the complexity

PLMC 2020 - Subtle and elegant class 

BBF 2019 - No brainer 

JL2 2020 - citrus, citrus and more citrus 

Lusi 2019 - Iconic cigar. (Would love to try a pre 1975 109 format) 

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Bolivar Tubos no. 1 (OGA MAR 12)
LGC MdO no 4 (MUR AGO 13)
Bolivar Silver Jubilee (LGR DIC 18)
Cohiba Coronas Especiales (REG OCT 18)
RASS 50 cab (MSU ABR 19)

Honorable mention:
Partagas Serie E no. 2 (UAO ABR 19)
Partagas Serie D no. 4 (PUS MAR 18)

Not very many ER and EL mentioned so far.

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- Cohiba Lancero MOL DIC 18

- LGC MdO#4 ETP ENE 17 as long as the draw is ok

- RyJ Ex.#4 TES MAR 17

- Partagas Lusitania UEB NOV 18 but hardly ever have the time for these

- Diplomaticos #2 RAT JUL 20 

If I could add Monte Especiale #2 to this list I'd be happy only smoking these in rotation, forever.

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No particular order...

Juan Lopez Sel #1 BRO SEP 17

RyJ Churchill UEB SEP 19


Monte No.4 BEO JUL 16

Parti Mille Fleurs UEB AGO 18

This is based on a roughly aggregated, variably calculated, half-assed score I assign on my CC spreadsheet. All except the Parti MF. It's a volume winner. I've smoked more of those than any other CC. I see very few folks smoking the Parti MF's which is fine by me. Leave 'em for me, I'll take care of them.

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These are the tasty cigars I know will burn perfectly and are smooooooooooth.

SOU 2020 Hoyo Escogidos - Complex with sweet flavor changes - shockingly good

EOS 2019 Cohiba Esplendidos - Sweet barnyard twang - my idea of cigar perfection

MAR 2020 Partagas E2 - Savory and complex - I wish I had 20 boxes, when I'm not sure what I want, I seem to grab one of these

2010 Juan Lopez 1 - Beautiful balance of sweet and savory - I've been loving the young JL1s but this older box is just a delicious easy smoke

2020 RyJ Cazzadores - Rich chewy raisin and graham cracker - These I prefer young and feisty!

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Cohiba Esplendido 2015

Monte #4 2016

Punch Punch RAT JUN 2020

Cohiba Siglo ll ESL JUN 2017

Por Larañaga RAT MAY 2020

The Esplendido’s are pure heaven, the Monte’s are the work horse, the Siglo ll’s are a treat, Punch’s are always reliable, and the PLMC never disappoints. 

Honorable mentions to Monte #1 & #3’s, Cohiba shorts, and Padrón natural 1964’s. 


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My rough order is below, but any of the below could move around a slot or two though.

Prieto Farm Rolls - 17, 18 and 19 Coronas, Robustos and "Robusto Extras"

Trinidad - Coloniales, Fundies, and Vigia From 17 and 18 have all been delivering recently

Punch La Isla - I've smoked from 3 boxes/codes(all 19) and they have been consistently tasty and well constructed.

Upmann Corona Majors - Ive been slowly smoking through boxes from 2008 and 2013. Both have been excellent. 

RG Perlas - Ive liked these for a while, but the 2013 box I'm currently smoking through has been great when I just want a "quick smoke"

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H Upman Royal Robusto, UPE NOV 12

Monte Cristo #2, LUB MAR 14

Cohiba Siglo IV, MUL NOV 14

Cohiba Siglo III, ESP MAY 15

Punch Punch, RAE DIC 14

There's no particular order to this list. During the hot, humid season here I find that the weather adds and subtracts a little bite and contributes to burn issues. I'd have put the MC#1 on the list but the thinner ring cigars are better in dry times.


 BTW, Im not seeing many Els or REs represented in these lists. Just sayin'.


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RASS    TUA ABR 2020

RyJ Churchills     UEB JUNE 2019

Trinidad Media Luna     SOU MAR 2020

Montecristo No.3       GOM NOV 2018    

H. Upmann Magnum 50     ESL DIC 2017

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