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  1. I'll be in Madrid, Logrono, Bilbao, San Sebastian in early September, hoping I can find a couple boxes of the galanes and the diplomatico regional. Are you seeing any large format cigars in stock? Seems like the punch dc and RA gigantes are the best deal left in Spain.
  2. Spent the day in Charleston with @Glass Half Full. An absolute gentleman and a phenomenal host. The cigar community is full of special people, it is always a pleasure to be able to meet them in person. We started with a mojito and a 2012 cohiba piramides at Cliff’s home. That was followed by hopping on his boat for a great ride around Charleston with a 2016 cohiba robusto and some beers. Maggie and I can’t thank you enough Cliff, cheers brother.
  3. @Kaptain Karl My BSM feb 2021 famosos are insane, consistent 96+ pointers. Should have stocked up way more when they were $200 a year ago.
  4. Celebrating finding the last property I’m buying for a 1031 exchange on the eve of the deadline. MOS aug 2009
  5. With all the talk about trying non Cubans I decided to stop in the local b&m today. Told the owner I want something with plenty of flavor and no pepper or spice. This was his recommendation. First NC I’ve had since 2018, will be the last for a while. Not that this was a horrible cigar, but it doesn’t even compare to Cheaper Cuban cigars out there in my opinion. I would take just about anything in the Habanos portfolio over this if I had a choice. Aroma is sub par, flavor is meh, my mouth taste like an ash tray but hey the construction is perfect. If anything this justifies the price increases we’ve seen lately, not cohiba or Trinidad but every other marca. I’d gladly pay $15-20 a stick for just about everything else without hesitation. The class and elegance of Cuban Tobacco can’t be beat, I will give up cigars before switching to anything else.
  6. BSM Feb 2021 famosos. My favorite out of all hemosos/robustos and smoking at an elite level for such a young cigar. Wish I had more of these stocked up
  7. JL1 UTL april 2019, these are coming along very nicely
  8. Oh man barely missing this, will be in Charleston June 18-21. @Glass Half Full Lets meet up for a smoke if you are available when i'm there
  9. UGO nov 2017 Epi 1. Hdm not a marca I really gravitate towards but this box is starting to change my mind
  10. This box of rass has been on fire (TUA abr 2020)
  11. Phenomenal topes from a trade with @Glass Half Full
  12. Awesome they sound delicious, appreciate the info! I also have some of the Salomons coming
  13. Last year I had a couple singles of the punch duke Mexican regional, both of them made me dizzy. No other cigar has come close to giving me a noticeable nicotine buzz

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