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  1. I believe the 47 rg is a shortened 109.
  2. That's been my experience as well. I haven't been a fan.
  3. I’m a big fan of the maduros. Decedent chocolate and a flavor profile that is pretty unique. Rosados are very good as well, but much closer in profile to available CCs.
  4. Those Dukes are criminally underrated. I have yet to have a Punch regional that wasn’t spectacular.
  5. At least the BR side of things will benefit. Not much of a silver-lining.
  6. Did you find the humidor sticks to be any better than the normal ones?
  7. Quick poll for those questioning Rob, has FOH ever let you down? Sure as heck the answer is a resounding “no” for me. I’m excited to finally add a guayabera to my wardrobe.
  8. That is music to my, and assuredly many others', ears. I could definitely see myself making these a daily. I'm already reaching for them with no restraint.
  9. My two mixed packs arrived and enjoying a n3 Maduro. Absolutely wonderful! I’m challenged to smoke it slowly enough it is so delicious! Like everyone else, I regret not ordering more. Fingers crossed there will be another release of these vitolas.
  10. I’m booking for then as well. Fingers crossed Omicron has died down there by then.

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