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  1. RAG - OER 2021, can’t remember the month though.. decent!
  2. Opening up the cottage for vacation in NS with a Lusitania. Canada Day too. Nothing better!
  3. Happy Canada Day to you all! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
  4. Bolivar Tubos no1, 2015, from one of Rob’s auctions a while back. Delicious and subtle. What a great smoke and a corona to boot! Perfect.
  5. The PSD4 edges out the Monte 2, slightly.. but it’s close. Seems to me like more elements are present in the PSD4 flavour profile overall, more complex and the 20-22 have been very good.
  6. Trying out this TPL MAR 21 D4, a psp box from our hosts. Delicious so far. I’m trying to put together my vacation cigars for a trip to Nova Scotia in a few days… can’t wait to smoke them!!
  7. Happy Father’s Day all! I had a nice day full of BBQ.. aged tomahawk w spicy Mexican rub, and NY strip steak (mild) for the kids. Smoky tomato salsa, garlic scapes, and cumin chicken going into slow cooker with mole tonight.. tacos tomorrow should be good.
  8. Haha, we had the same one but the kids outgrew it two years ago... Did everyone with toddlers have this table at some point?
  9. RyJ Short Churchill ROTT… first one I’ve tried… nice sour berry and almond flavours.
  10. I like them - precisely because they let me sneak one in between family and work related timing. I smoke a HC in about 40min and the flavours are great when I’ve aged them over 3 years. It’s not a Connie A but like a Partagas short, it scratches the itch for that profile…
  11. My box of light wrapper clearance (FOH) 2019 is better than my box of PSP 2020. The dark wrapper ones are very strong clove / spices. Almost overwhelming.
  12. Right on. I was thinking that the other day and enjoyed my cigar even more. The last couple of years were surprising, who knows what the next years will be like? Im going to try and keep a positive attitude.

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