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  1. I woke up this morning to this awful news, so sad to hear of it! Nino gave us all so much in terms of his time, thoughts and learning and for that I am ever grateful! I will miss him dearly!
  2. Yes, my mistake, it was there. Although in the film it looks totally different...
  3. One needs to give some appreciative congratulations for whomever slid the obvious fake Davidoff bands (easily accessible on eBay) onto those ordinary non-descript cigars! 😂
  4. I remember quite clearly the minimalist promotion campaign that was aligned with this movie but boy it was a genius move. Quite succinctly it was, "What is The Matrix"? As a result of this question a lot of people went to the cinemas in 1999 to find out and the lines from this film have been a part of our culture ever since. For me personally, watching the helicopter action scenes at the end of the film in the central business district of Sydney suspended my sense of been lost in the film because I know those buildings around Martin Place quite well (or even when Neo and Matrix get in the limousine under the famous bridge in the Rocks...also quite famous for Sydneysiders). However, the constant green tinge to the visuals from beginning to end goes a long way for me to appreciating that the Matrix belongs in quite a unique place, both in film history and as a subsequent popular cultural reference.
  5. A quarter pack of GEL Feb 2022 Montecristo No.4 courtesy of our host...
  6. Vegas Robaina is the brand you reach for when you want a classy cocoa/chocolate flavour which won't overpower, unlike other cigars that have a chocolate profile. I concur...reliable.
  7. Still remains Elton's best album even after all these years.
  8. I know from being a long-term Mets fan (albeit from overseas) that there are plenty of fans that will make their presence later on at the business end of the season at Citi Field. I predict there will be a run of sellouts, especially if we maintain our lead a top the NL East. I concur, Citi Field is a long way out in Queens. When I visited I took the train with my family that was 1 hour from Manhattan from memory. I have to say though, they built a nice Baseball park though, it has all the facilities. Regarding the next series of games, I think the team will aim to stay competitive in their standards. We've had excellent pitching for a long time now, but what let us down before was clutch hitting and defense. I see big improvements in those areas this year obviously with the team we've acquired (I have especially enjoyed every two-out, two-strike RBI and hit this year). Then again, we kept a number of players that we've 'groomed' that have played better and I believe that is down to the excellent leadership we have in Buck Showalter and especially Max Scherzer. These guys remind me of the Mets teams of the 80s...they're good but together they're better. They enjoy playing for each other's success it seems to me. At the business end of the season it is always pitching that defines how teams fare. As they say, "Good pitching will always beat out good hitting".
  9. Thank you for a thorough and great review. In regard to your bass, I'm guessing you've got others for particular styles of play but this Fender Jazz Bass is your favourite? If so, I wouldn't be surprised if you've left it unserviced (to maintain the 'feel'), as that is quite common with musicians who play gigs. For example, people get surprised when I tell them that bass strings are left on for many, many years (you can't do this with guitars). I'm guessing too that the Partagas Lusitanias is one of your favourites. This one sounded like it had it all in terms of flavour!
  10. I concur with @NSXCIGAR as I would have added much the same. The LGC4 benefits from time down and can be quite complex. Definitely smoke it slowly. It's one of those Habanos cigars where, depending on the balance of the cigar, it can be either savoury or sweet.
  11. In my view, the rebranded Quai d'Orsay Coronas have indeed had a blend change. Whereas the old banded Quai d'Orsay Coronas were definitely mild orange citrus and shortbread delights, these new ones are more like the Quai d'Orsay Nos. 50 and 54. In fact, I'd say there's a progression that goes something like QDO 50, QDO 54 and QDO Coronas in terms of strength and body from fullest to lighest; with all three sharing a similar butter brioche and ginger profile to some degree. Also, I'd add that there's a woodiness to these Quai d'Orsay Coronas that certainly wasn't there in the old-banded versions.
  12. What went wrong for Trinidad? I'm pressed for time this morning so I may elaborate more later. Basically, in a nutshell, Habanos S.A have been reactionary and lost sense of their objectivity because they entered into a long-term legal dispute with the Trinidad Family over this marca and in doing that, they've maintained a position that Trinidad must be seen as practically equal to Cohiba as a premium marca. In my opinion, this understanding goes a long way to explain the history of the Trinidad brand over the last twenty years.
  13. I concur with @Cigar Surgeon, this film was made practically on one set (I think Alfred Hitchcock did similarly with Rope and Rear Window) and was a successful play before being filmed. The fact that we have some of the finest supporting actors in Hollywood history also adds to its greatness. Sidney Lumet would go on to make some all-time great films, but he was just starting out here. Henry Fonda...his role as Juror No.8 was the centerpiece performance of what makes this film awesome!
  14. @KCCubano, yes I found that funny indeed. Oh well...either he gets vaccinated and plays home games in Canada, or he only plays away games! 😂 @Fezztone would probably concur, but in my opinion, the San Diego Padres made a very loud statement, in this trade period this year, that they will not be bossed around by the Dodgers anymore. I look forward to @BigGuns humble thoughts on this matter! 😁

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