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  1. 2020 Rio Seco - great sweet creamy twangy hot weather cigar
  2. Similar to some Italian friends I have...the ones that say they're in, aren't. 😁
  3. You're showing the Mercury Bobcat which is the high line version of the Pinto...if anyone could say such a thing 🤣
  4. Half a million bucks for a VW Bus? I guess there's a sucker born every minute. I'm sure it can corner just like a Porsche too 🤣
  5. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't disagreeing that price fixing generally sucks. For companies like Rolex and Habanos, they are definitely taking away the potential for a retailer to profit based on the retailers marketplace. Those companies are simply shifting the bulk of the profit for their goods to their own pockets rather than supporting the retailer that's been supporting them. I'm just pointing out that there's no need to sympathize with a new car dealer if his new car prices are fixed, since he's got other ways to filet the fish.
  6. New car pricing isn't a fair comparison to a one time use and completely disposable purchase like cigars. As a percentage of total profit, car dealerships make very little money if any on the sales of new cars. Pricing doesn't really matter as long as the marketplace is ok with the pricing and keeps the inventory moving. Dealers make their hay in servicing, finance, body shop, and in used car sales where the manufacturers have far less if any control over the dealer's pricing decisions.
  7. I agree with this. It's not that I don't get it, I do. It's just not a WOW! cigar for me. I think there are plenty of superior cigars in the long and skinny format. I'd happily trade my remaining dozen Fundis for 2 boxes of Punch 8-9-8
  8. He’s the best. “It’s not that she calls me a jerk, it’s that she’s got the nerve to be surprised” 🤣

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