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  1. I love seeing you on the daily smoke section, @El Presidente! Your video reviews are legendary and very informative, but it’s nice to get a taste for what’s getting your attention currently. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would like to see more!
  2. Are you seriously making us decide between a Lancero and Sir Winston!? It’s like being asked your favorite child. Fine, Winston, you’re the favorite.
  3. Glad you enjoyed it, brother! It is a legend for good reason. Cheers!
  4. Both are fantastic options! Can’t go wrong either way. Gravel riding is great
  5. Nice setup! If looking at gravel, there are tons of options. They range from “pretty much road bikes” to “pretty much mountain bikes.” If already on the Cervelo, I’d check out: -Cervelo Aspero -Salsa warbird (I love mine) -Canyon grail -Cannondale/Trek offerings if you want to shell out bigger bucks: Ridley Kanzo or Open UP/UPPER. All are fantastic. All can fly on the road as well. Also- Gravel-oriented carbon fiber wheelsets have gotten awesome the last few years. Worth the upgrade.
  6. Here is my recent acquisition. Salsa Warbird. I love it. I too am a bit squeamish about distracted drivers, so gravel riding is my happy place. Lots of great bikes in this segment. Next conquest is a XC Mountain bike…..trek Top Fuel!?
  7. Last was a Fundadores. Just over a year old at the time (GLE 20) and really had to puff hard given a snug draw. Spins were horrible. Interestingly, felt the beginnings of the same with a Reyes but was saved by the shorter size.
  8. Always great to jam the beatles! My previous comment was entirely in jest as it appeared to be a bit of a Sig IV photobomb. This is also coming from a man who can’t grow his hair out gracefully to save his life (and has the tendency to marvel at a majestic head of hair when I see it!). Sorry to hear about the wet weather…..hoping the flooding isn’t affecting you much.
  9. Dang! Good hair day for cigar Jesus! 😎🌴 Sig IV looks pretty amazing as well.

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