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  1. Been a while since I’ve posted but I’m back. Fuente anejo shark to start off the long weekend.
  2. What's going on everyone. I have outgrown my 3 Audew 300 fridges and I have no more room in my Coleman cooler as well. Getting tired of the high temps in the cooler since I live in Arizona. I don't want to buy another Audew as I want something with more size. Anyone have suggestions on a Thermoelectric wine fridge that you have had success with? Much appreciated.
  3. I tend to enjoy the blends that are made of Aganorsa Tobacco. The construction of the cigars coming out of Miami are really good but I'm just a sucker for Tobacco from Aganorsa.
  4. The illusione was most likely a holy lance. Fantastic Lancero that’s always in my collection.
  5. Those 19 Shorts are fantastic. Mine are starting to provide me with a stone fruit note which is delicious.
  6. The Epernay La Grande is a 6x46 and the La Elegance is a 5.7x40.
  7. Anything from Illusione/Aganorsa Leaf. Very soft yet flavorful tobacco that comes from their farms. A lot of complexity without the strength. Casdagli is a supreme brand right now. Well worth the price point and hunt.
  8. Cadagli, Illusione, Fuente, Davidoff , DTT , Crowned heads, Tatuaje, Joya , Plasencia are some of my go to brands.
  9. Love casdagli. I have a box of these and the pony express on the way.
  10. Since they don't care about improving quality in terms of the draw and consistency of their cigars, I am done. If I pay luxury prices I expect a luxury product that works consistently. There are way too many good NC's out there that are dependable, affordable and consistent with great flavors. Love Cuban tobacco but the "Cuban twang" doesn't justify those outrageous prices.
  11. At a certain point, price exceeds value. And that is what I am seeing here. I love cuban cigars, but to demand those prices I would expect a much better product in terms of construction and consistency. Too many of my boxes have a few if not more cigars that are plugged. There are way too many great cigars being made in Nica, DR and Honduras that are going through the proper quality control process for a less aggressive price. I love my CC's and they will always have room in my collection/rotation, but at this point I will be seeking value elsewhere for the time being.
  12. Epernay Le Grande. Perfect construction, perfect flavors, and I don’t have to sell my kidney for them.
  13. Probably a dud. I have had many Illusione's as well as other NC's with more age that were fantastic.

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