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  1. CAD and yeah that's not including tax. I can't remember if it was plain packaged. I think it was but I'm not 100%. I was at a shop on the native reserve today, they had a couple siglo 1s and panetelas, along with a few other Cubans that weren't plain packaged. Majority of their non Cuban stuff was plain packaged though. Not sure what applies there and what doesn't.
  2. Saw some coros going for $92 per in Toronto, so $2300 a box. They had Hoyo Gran Reserva for $250 each!
  3. Haha yeah pretty much, saw a king and decided yup that's good enough for an all in lol. GG!
  4. The Upmann noellas are incredibly sweet to me. Very much a sweet bread type of taste, classic Upmann flavours just made sweeter.
  5. I love that this one sounds less produced then some of the later stuff. Dirty work is one of my faves of theirs. 9/10
  6. Had the first from a GEL AGO 21 box. Will wait a few months before another but was great for how young it was. No ammonia taste, flavours were pretty good. Box is coming along better than most.
  7. I've never really gotten the Beatles either. If I had to rate Abbey road I'd still give it a 5/10 , if I'm taking into account how many musicians it inspired, I'd rate it much higher. I do think they changed a lot about pop music, that they're probably the most influential band ever, and I love the music of many musicians who cite them as huge influences, with this album being at the forefront. I just don't think the music is very good lol.
  8. 2018 HU #1 from the Canadian box pass last year
  9. Got some lanceros there back in January 2020, wish I had bought more. Great cigars.
  10. Started in 2016 and have 4 D4s left from the first box I bought. Also 2 Bolivar Coronas gigantes. Planning to hold on to them for a while.
  11. HUHC from Feb 21. Still needs more time down but this box is definitely improving.
  12. Thanks for the help everyone, was able to get it to pop open. Will take it apart and give it a clean.
  13. I've had the colibri v cutter for abut a year and it occasionally gets stuck where the button that pops open the cutter kind of locks. I've gotten it to move and it usually works ok but now when I press it down the button stays in the down position and won't pop open the blade. Has this happened to anyone else?
  14. I hadn't heard that story before! Like you said Clyde is the man, his sound is all over hip hop but he got nothing from it. Anything that did get credited the royalties went to James Brown.
  15. HQ especial #2, much lighter than the box of PSP I got a few weeks back. I think I've only ever got clearance, it'll be interesting to see how much of a difference there is.
  16. A couple from the last few weeks. JL2 was the first from a 2018 box and smoked great.
  17. Received some cigars in the mail today from a trade with @ChanceSchmerr. I was looking to try some of the N1s and in addition he sent me some amazing cigars. Everything was packaged great and sent express! Feeling very fortunate. Thank you!
  18. This came in the mail the other day, I think from the blind review week? Thanks FOH!

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