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  1. You beat me too it. It seems too easy to connect the dots and I hope we're wrong. But what's to say HSA's new owner didn't put out an RFP asking for cheaper options close to home. For all we know the factory that made these might have been making them for somebody else last year. They charge $1300-$1500 for a box and cant get a 1 cent sticker right? What a Joke.
  2. If I had any reason, at all, to believe that these prices increases where tied to increases in Tobacco prices, or Labor, or Packaging, I would agree with you. People are freaking out that Verizon is raising their prices now. As someone who built cell tower infrastructure for almost a decade and is currently competing with them for crews/materials, I can say that their cost increases are very, very real. Not greed based at all, a perfect fit with what you describe. But that isn't what's happening here. Tabacuba is paying less for tobacco, not more. No raises for the rollers, managerial staff, cuban cigars store workers. Not even some new/extra B.S. tax to the government. Nothing. Just greed, based on a very flawed view of their market position. Sure the bands and boxes they buy from outside the country are more expensive. Same with freight, if they can get it. Shipping can be passed along to the distributor, easily. Packaging prices have not increased 300%. Where else does all this new profit go?
  3. I got an email from JJ Fox today detailing their new Custom blended Nicaraguan Cigars. Considering the close friendship's of Rob, Rob, Andy and the Whole Czar/Fox groups in general, I had a question. Are these coming from the same/a similar team to the Nudies line? The sizes also seem to be very similar. @Ryan, @El Presidente what do you know? Has anybody sampled these yet?
  4. I got this cigar in a box split we did in the US sub forum a couple years ago. I don't know/remember the code. These have all been very good so far. This is the third I have smoked from the split and they've all been pretty much the same. Loads and Loads of Dark, Rich Black Coffee. Like a Cuban coffee with out any cream our sugar. From the first puff, they just keep rolling like a freight train till the very end. Very, Very full flavored, some of the most full flavored cigars I've ever smoked. I've gotten some hints of Very burnt toast, cinnamon, and leather, but its been all about the black coffee. Nothing, at all, like what you would expect from an RyJ, not a hint of sweetness, not smooth, not light/mid bodied at all. The closest comparison I can muster would be an OR Upmann Mag 56, ROTT. I would love to see how these age out over 10 years like I have been with the Mag 56, but I only have a few of these left and I've been enjoying them too much over the last couple months to save them. These are pretty much the exact opposite of what I normally seek out in a cigar, but these have been absolutely amazing, perfect "change of pace" cigars. I wish I had more. Edit: I found the old thread, the code is: ATE MAY 18
  5. Same. I was able to grab 4 2016 boxes at Club Habana in 2018, and another handful through other sources after they where discontinued. I still have most of them, its a cigar I can never seem to find the right occasion for. They were one of my favorites, in one of my favorite sizes, I still haven't completely gotten over their discontinuation, or found a suitable replacement. I always found them to be right around medium body, maybe a touch over. But never light on the flavors.
  6. I'm not calling anyone a communist. Neither plan is communist. Both sound like the fever dream of a communist who just learned about capitalism and is trying take advantage of it. Despite not actually understanding it, at all. Proven by what? 2 years of free money and a complete mess of an economy? Cuban's aren't Rolex, or Bentley. They're bundles of dried leaf. Cents worth of input material, versus thousands or tens of thousands of dollars worth of real materials. (you know, gold diamonds, shit worth money) There isn't a comparison, there shouldn't be a comparison, that's where this whole discussion goes off the rails. Ferrari has had a similar model to what's being described here for years and people hate them for it. I know several people who want/can afford a Ferrari, but refuse to go through their asinine sales process. It's worked for them, to an extent. But again, rolled up bundles of leaves aren't quite a Ferrari. Either plan only works in the nightmare that is the current economy, not through long term ebbs and flows. I, for one, am very excited to watch HSA fall flat on its face here. Honestly, I'd be happy to the Volkswagen group in trouble too. I'd love a new Audi. 😁
  7. You got lucky. All mine are ugly and taste like crap! The worst RP for me has to be the Upmann Half Corona, like some sick, demented Joke. "Lets discontinued our best cigar and replace it with something vastly inferior in every way." Said the Geniuses at HSA. The worst LE is heads and tails ahead of the rest, the Monte Dantes. Its consistently one of the worst cigars I smoke each year. (NCs included) Thick, burnproof wrappers, bitter, muddled, acrid, metallic tasting smoke, spotty construction, just garbage in every way possible. They're so bad I refuse to even entertain trading/giving out any of the 10 boxes I was stupid enough to buy, I haven't yet met a cigar smoker I dislike enough to do that to. I never really bit hard on the LE/RE thing, and this release was my "lesson learned the hard way."
  8. AAAHHHH. People have been talking about removing slimy car dealers from the car buying process for Decades. That's all this is, and I doubt it goes much of anywhere. I would be more than happy if the entire car dealership system world wide was razed, scam artists and leaches. Google Carvana BUT, these articles very specifically talk about set pricing in ONE market. (China) Not world wide, homogenized pricing. Two Very, Very different things. The other article mentions a 10-20% reduction in # of European dealerships, again, no where near world wide, homogenized pricing. What HSA is doing and what is described in these two articles are Massively different plans, with massively different goals and affects on the market place. Direct me to the line if I missed it, but I saw no mention of world wide Mercedes price increases to match their new non dealer pricing in Europe or that All VW EVs world wide will be priced at China $$ now. These two articles really don't have much/any context in this discussion. Besides all that, I'm surprised you would be stumping for a system that would essentially remove you from the equation. If HSA adopted the model indicated in the articles you posted their would be no more distribution network. HSA would open its Own B&M's and its Own Website to become the SOLE provider of cigars, in the world, in each country, whatever. I cant believe that's what you actually want? That actually sounds like a worse plan that what they've got now, but they're both bad.
  9. Its really not all that Difficult. I was there in March and I'm going again in about three weeks. Travel wise, its pretty much the same as it was 6 years ago. They've also dropped most of the COVID requirements for Tourists.
  10. I must have missed the Volkswagen Groups Announcement. I just read their 2021 financial summary and I dont see it mentioned anywhere. (Linked, higher prices, sure, standardized prices, no) How in the world would Volkswagen standardize the price of an A3 manufactured and sold in China to one manufactured and sold in the USA? And more importantly why? So livery spec A3's are now going to start at $35k in Cuba? The same price you can get a similar spec'd car here in the states? Come on Rob. Where is that extra $110k going to disappear to? Or is a base A3 going to cost as much as an R8 here now? You're in a tight spot. I get it, but you seem to be coming down with a nasty case of Stockholm Syndrome. What's going on in the Cuban Cigar industry right now is not normal, its not justified by the current world conditions, its not logical. Don't let them convince you it is! Haha.
  11. That's just not an excuse. What would be the justification? "Sorry, I'm a complete moron who cant read or work a computer?"(but can send emails apparently?) If his grandfather had left him a collection of vintage "barn find" cars, it wouldn't be ok for him to lie/omit the truth about how they where stored either. Or to spend a year with a California duster cleaning them up, then selling them as "Numbers Matching, Frame off Restorations."
  12. What else could be more important right now. 🙄 Congress is involved because they're currently co conspirators. They're trying to figure out the right time to cut bait................
  13. They both did essentially the same thing. We can argue if the number of times they did it, or where they did matters. (it doesn't) But they've both done the same thing and are being treated/punished very differently for it. Maybe, I just misunderstood what you meant. We may mean the same thing. I agree both should be punished for what they did, irrelevant of what the other did, in a court of law. The problem is, Neither has been or will be tried in a court of law for any of these transgressions. They're both being "Tried" by the same people, the rest of the Owners. In that case, it very much matters how others have been previously punished by the same people for the same things. Both should be shown the door, quickly, irrevocably. But the fact that the owners do this stuff, help each other cover it up, then keep doing, it is a HUGE problem. A much bigger problem than any of the initial transgressions. "Suspending" Dan Snyder for the offseason, while he continues to rake in his millions and participate in the operation of the team is not the same as suspending a player for a year.(after he already had a de facto year long suspension last year) Owners own teams for Decades, most players get 5 or 6 years, if they're lucky. I'm saying fire the CEO, fire the board, fire everyone who sat by and enabled criminals to commit crimes for years.(and got rich doing it) Use their illegally gotten wages to help the XFL or the USFL get a start. Hell, the Arena League, I don't care. Leagues that have been crushed under the NFL's thumb time and again through illegal TV and advertising deals, leagues that haven't been allowed to compete because these criminals pay their politician buddies to make sure their "legal" monopoly isn't at risk. Dan may be one of the worst, but he's just the one in the limelight now. These scumbags have been paying roger goodell tens of millions a year to be their punching bag/trigger man, but people are finally starting to realize who the puppet masters are. $64 million each of the last two years: Goodell earned %2463%2C900%2C050 per,earnings coming from bonus money.
  14. I emailed the poster a couple times, but never received a response. I just hope it went to a good Home. @Glass Half Full Thanks for the heads up anyway!
  15. I've really gotta disagree with you on this point. You're pretty much saying its OK for the CEO to get away with Fraud and get help from the Board of Directors to cover it up/get away with it. But if they catch the head accountant skimming they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and paraded in front of society as an example. I know its how things work, but that doesn't make it OK. The "Leaders" should be held to much higher standards, they should be the ones setting the example.
  16. I think we're splitting hairs at this point. Im sure Robert craft only "busted a nut" on one "masseuse", right? Maybe only 6, or 10? How many is too many? Watson was trying to get rub and tugs from Instagram hoes, Robert craft was getting them from pros. That's the only real difference I see, if I was an NFL owner, I wouldn't want either individual tied to/representing my business. It was just revealed that Dan Snyder paid a woman $1.6 million to keep her mouth shut about an incident on his Jet back in 2009. On top of the allegations we already knew about. So again, I ask. Is Once. On your Private Jet Ok? Once on Your Jet and Once at the team facility is OK? Where do you draw the line between scum bags? The difference between these three guys is their position in life, not who they are as people. All three seem to be deeply flawed. But, two of them help each other(and others) stay rich and maintain the atmosphere that allows them to get away with it.
  17. Years and Years. Cuba has the weather conditions you described for about 70% of the year. They don't fret about storage at all. Don't panic, as others mentioned, its the huge swings that will get you. Not necessarily, the high heat/humidity.
  18. Meanwhile Deshaun Watson is probably going to be suspended for a year because he loved his "Rub and Tugs" a bit too much. Meanwhile we have guys like Jerry Jones, Jimmy Haslem and Robert Craft helping each other get away with it. Talk about a double standard. I have to agree with @SCgarman, its hard to find anybody innocent in the group. They should all be held to a MUCH higher standard than the players on their respective team's, but its the exact opposite. I'm sure that plenty of the owners have never engaged in any type of sexual misconduct. But ALL of them have helped each other get away with it. MULTIPLE times. Its like the Vatican trying to play innocent at this point. You cant allow and enable decades of abuse then play the Saint. Has everyone here forgotten that Robert Craft literally walked out of an "Asian Massage" parlor, was driven to his private jet and flew straight to the Super Bowl a few years ago? Meanwhile they punish the players for far less to make it APPEAR like they really care. It's all pretty shameful when you really look at it. Especially considering how much money these owners pay through lobbyist to ensure the League keep its federally protected Antitrust rights. It wasn't one statement, it was a week of him saying stupid things, that align perfectly with who he has portrayed himself to be for years. He didn't misspeak, this wasn't a Bushism/Biden Gaff. He believed/believes what he said and was too spineless to stand behind it. He only "apologized" so he wouldn't lose his job. Stupid and a Coward. Not the character traits I would look for in a leader of Men, but it seems to align perfectly with the rest of the organization. Del Rio is still going to make several million dollars this year and Chapelle is doing as well as he ever has, so I'm not sure who/what we're supposed to be feeling bad for? Yes. Exactly. The government needs to yank their anti trust exemptions and allow anybody to compete with them.
  19. Same here, I've never been drawn to this size, I hate feeling rushed when I'm smoking. So the whole concept of "sneaking one in" just isn't my thing. The handful I've tried have been fine, but they've never blown me away. I'll grab several sizes of Upmann before these, they are NOT a replacement for the PC.
  20. Thanks for the heads up. I just emailed him. I'm not far from there at all. I'll let you guys know if anything comes of it.
  21. Its the first night of the STANLEY CUP FINALS and you're watching the 84,000th baseball game of this month instead? Haha. I just don't get it.
  22. I dont know how anybody can understand some of the short plays you can run these days. Its like putting together parlays at the sports book, leg after leg after leg.
  23. I'd buckle up, the fun hasn't even started yet. I'm still dumping my bi monthly paycheck matches into my 401k and the companies profit share program, but only because I dont get my company match if I stop. I pulled all my discretionary investments almost 2 months ago, haven't jumped back in and have absolutely no desire to do so. I dont see anything on the horizon that gives me optimism. This fall is years over due, we haven't even lost the 40% we gained during the pandemic yet. The 40% gain that was propped up be free money as profits plummeted. We still have a ways to go before we hit fair value and when was the last recession that stopped at fair value?
  24. It's a fascinating question. I didnt realize how close some of the area was to the ocean until I was served Lobster for lunch at a farm. Fresh out of the ocean that morning. The center of San Juan y Martinez is only 7.5 Miles/12 Km from the ocean. Many farms are even closer, I roughly outlined the valley in red. There are some VERY famous farms in that triangle. T

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