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  1. CoRo (TOU MAY 19) Three years down and best one yet. Damn good.
  2. Gonna have to go with this Media Luna (SOU MAR 21). True Trinidad goodness through and through. Classy for such a young example. Cookies and cream, light honey, and a nutty base. Trinidads are just as unique a smoke as Cohiba imho. There is simply no substitute when that's what I'm craving.
  3. MSU ABR 19 fiddy cab. Smoking well with plenty of upside still.
  4. Got this order in just under the wire. Sealed 15ct tubos. Perfect wrappers and the aroma is intoxicating.
  5. I agree. Capa is outstanding. I thoroughly enjoy the habano as well, but smoked the broadleaf about 3 times and didn't care for it.
  6. BIG mail day for me. HdM DC, Coloniales, 2X Media Luna, 2X SCdLH Malaya, RASCC.
  7. April was a busy month and didn't smoke a whole lot, but hands down this OGA SEP 11 LGC MdO no2. Just absolutely stunning.
  8. Esplendidos is my #1 special occasion cigar.
  9. LGC MdO no.2 (OGA SEP 11) What a shame these were axed.

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