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  1. I have not tried Lampert yet but I absolutely agree on Byron and Casdagali.
  2. @El Presidente I agree with just about everything you said here. Excellent summary. The only place I diverge slightly is My Father. I love many of their sticks (Flor de las Antillas is one of my favorite) but there are several that are way too strong and peppery for my taste e.g. Le Bijou.
  3. At the three year mark, these are smoking very well.
  4. @sageman looks like a great event. Thanks for sharing the experience!
  5. That looks like a wonderful spot to smoke a cigar!
  6. I just smoked one yesterday and got a ton of floral notes for the first time ever with that cigar. You ever get floral in them?
  7. I've seen that flight attendant magic act on AA many times unfortunately
  8. This one's for you @jakebarnes, sorry it's not as good as some of my prior shots 😂
  9. If Ken shows up even trousers will be optional 🤣

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