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  1. Post lunch plpc, RAT AGO 21. One of the overfilled ones, but nothing a little draw tool jabbing can't fix. Delicious!
  2. Huh.. How so? The precision of fabrication and manufacture would be limited to the tools and skills used, not whether measured in x or y unit. Or am I missing something? 🤔
  3. Summer arrived yesterday and today is the hottest day of the year so far (24c so 75f). So i decided to head for a walk by the water with this Hdm Epi1, the darker of two I recently picked up. The lighter one was meh with meh on top, this dark one is great. Creamy with a hint of spice which gives it a bit more umph than the lighter wrapper I had last time. The last one left me with a feeling of never wanting to return to Epi1, now I'm back to being in doubt. May keep my eyes open for a few more dark ones.. Maybe..
  4. Party shorts unknown code and date (was told 20/21). Bought two singles of different shades recently. Even poked it towards the end to keep going. So good! Just short of one hour.
  5. The story in the lid is basically the origin story for the modern day Danish flag. According to legend the current flag of Denmark (Dannebrog) fell from the sky during or around the time of battle and a voice was heard saying that when the flag was raised the Danes would win. Let's just say they still stick to this story 🤣
  6. We are still on old prices (I was told the new ones come in to place august or September) so local store prices are as follows: Coro = ~900 usd Mc2 = ~600 usd Psd4 = ~420 usd
  7. ERM SEP 21 HUHC and unknown (20/20) Epi1 during the weekend. HUHC was very good, especially given its age. Epi1 was meh.
  8. PLPC RAT AGO 21, young and feisty - as expected. Love it! Also, cutter cleaning while at it 👍brush everything clean and wipe the blade with alcohol before reassembly.
  9. N3 Carlota Rosado. Edit: It has been a while since I had one (they've been nowhere to find for the last year, if not two) but this reminds me of what I'd get from Padrón Londres natural. Somewhat similar size and flavour.
  10. Small pick-up while visiting another city and b&m I hadn't been to before. Nothing exciting but everything counts!
  11. Only been buying them as fivers before but managed to convince the seller to give me old prices (new ones are not fully rolled out yet, but stock is off the shelf for now) on a full box of Coloniales so I went for it. First and last box, so they will have to last! Sleep tight beauties
  12. Yup, it went crazy expensive all around. Electricity prices now when compared Q1 2020 is 6x, but Q1 2020 was fairly low so when comparing to 2018-2019 (more stable in general) its "only" a 3x increase. Gas prices was only slowly rising during the same period, until more recently where it took a steep incline for obvious supplier reasons here in Europe.. Groceries and general consumption items has risen noticeably but I'd guess we're talking roughly 20-50% increase on average.

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