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  1. 1st Third: Morning smoke, good breeze going outside, beautiful day. Smoking this ROTT, love the corona size. Nice light Colorado wrapper, box pressed feeling hefty in the hand. Initial flavors of sweet & salty sourdough bread, plentiful smoke output, under medium, very pleasant and smooth to start. 2nd Third: Consistent flavors, slight uptick in strength, still pleasant. Last Third: Solid all around smoke, performing very well ROTT, nice background stick. Overall Score: 88/100
  2. Cold Draw: Perfect start to a Sunday morning, cup of black coffee ready to go, beautiful day by the beach, ready to relax into the day with a Reyes to offer a shorter morning smoke experience, however, definitely won't be my only cigar of the day. I usually start with something shorter on the weekend mornings and work my way up to the bigger RG sticks as the day progresses. Twisted off the pigtail and have a perfect draw. Here we go. 1st Half: Starting off with burnt bread & sugar, cedar with a bit of twang. Nice plumes of smoke, cigar feels soft in the hand. Nice Trinidad flavors to start, good level of strength to pair with caffeine for that morning boost. Flavors settle into toasted tobacco with a hint of lemon zest. Already thinking about what cigar to smoke next When it comes to the experience of smoking a Reyes or other short format morning stick it's to pair something with a large cup of coffee that will both finish around the same time that will also provide enough time to get the old motor running for the rest of the day; sometimes to also take the hair off the dog from the previous night. A stick that can hit the 30-45 minute range is perfect for these occasions. 2nd Half: 20 minutes in and we're in the home stretch. The Reyes is kicking up in strength a bit and the experience has been very nice and relaxing with the sound of waves in the background on a cloudier day. The 2nd half of these cigars sometimes can put me on my ass so have another 5-10 minutes to go before wrapping it up from lessons learned in the past. Thoroughly awake at this point of the morning. Thick viscous smoke, flavors are holding from before, coffee is almost done as well, can't ask for much more. 35 minute runtime. Overall Score: 88/100
  3. Cohiba Esplendido 2015 Monte #4 2016 Punch Punch RAT JUN 2020 Cohiba Siglo ll ESL JUN 2017 Por Larañaga RAT MAY 2020 The Esplendido’s are pure heaven, the Monte’s are the work horse, the Siglo ll’s are a treat, Punch’s are always reliable, and the PLMC never disappoints. Honorable mentions to Monte #1 & #3’s, Cohiba shorts, and Padrón natural 1964’s.
  4. Montecristo #4 Perfect draw at cold. First third: beautiful chocolate, cocoa, cream and light cedar flavors, this is going to be a good one. Got the ash to an inch and a half before it giving me a Cuban hug falling on my lap. Delicious, flavors picked up a bit in strength, solid medium body. Second third: next ash holding up very well, the longest I’ve ever had for a Monte #4. Tasting and smoking great. Few minor touch ups needed to keep things even as it is a bit windy by the beach. Final third: luckily I saw the ash slightly detach and wobble at around 2 inches so was able to properly ash it as one Cuban hug was enough for me. Nubbed this bad boy, best out of the box so far. 94/100
  5. Nice open cold draw of earthy hazzelnut. 1st Third: great start of light hazzelnut latte with earth and that Nicaraguan sweetness. I’ve been able to get the ash pretty long on these, but am outside on the roof today so anything can happen. Medium-light in flavor and body. Pairing coffee mixed with hazzelnut creamer. Fave morning pairing outside a classic Monte or PL-anything. 2nd Third: just when I thought I was off to a great start...a little gust of wind beheaded the first ash at a bit over an inch. Good thing this thing can regenerate extremities like an Iguana. It’s a Padron 1964, you know what’s going on here. Consistent flavors persist with a hint more body and flavor coming out. Burning very fast, at this rate it’ll last a mere 30 mins. Got a good 2nd leg going on this one that detached around 1.5inches in. Since these are so loosely packed that about as good as I’d expect. Final Third: not burning as fast in the 2nd half, but got here in a mere 28 minutes😂🤣🤣 Good last third, all-in-all 50 minute burn time. Ready for the weekend. TGIF! 93/100

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