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  2. Have yet to have one. Shied away from boxes due to the quality concerns. The quality blew up and the price went up, sour grapes prevented that purchase then. Boyo, look at the now….
  3. Nov 21 TUE BBF. Very tasty, but the last 3rd showed the youth.
  4. MSU AGO 17 RAS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. With people that I know will really be able to appreciate the cigar - about the same as normal. Many of my best cigar smoking experiences were when I was smoking with someone else. Shame to let money get in the way. For those that I'm not sure about, NCs and cheaper sticks (e.g. HUHC).
  6. Agree 100% though. If only I could get my hands on the lcdh JL...for research
  7. Careful now. You know it's real when Rob breaks out his gangsta speak... From 1995
  8. Throw another band on, and it'd be a $50 smoke. Jl1s are da bomb.
  9. Wow- Lucky I stocked up on Rolex when their prices dropped on competition fears from Cuban cigar luxury market..😁
  10. Bolivar Tubos no1, 2015, from one of Rob’s auctions a while back. Delicious and subtle. What a great smoke and a corona to boot! Perfect.
  11. The PSD4 edges out the Monte 2, slightly.. but it’s close. Seems to me like more elements are present in the PSD4 flavour profile overall, more complex and the 20-22 have been very good.
  12. Last night my favorite DC. An ABO DIC 17 RAG. Outstanding. Tonight a MGL SEP 20 RA No. 2. Half way through this box and they have been consistently very good.
  13. I feel like the more JL I smoke, the more I am ready to concede it as my only marca if I had to just have one.
  14. No, of course not. It should be the end of the first phase of transition as prices settle from the initial shock. I expect another gyration before the end of the year. It'll take at least 3-6 months for stock to start piling up to concerning levels. After that is when things are going to get interesting. Buckle your seatbelts for 2023...
  15. Yes I know this is an old thread. 🤫 I would pay whatever you asked. I actually emailed you recently; not sure if you saw. I would love to discuss the specifics of the build and exact numbers if you find the time.
  16. Great review Juan Lopez is one marca I have never tried.
  17. I’m not so sure end of July will be the end of the transition. Lots of guys like me sitting on the sidelines for now. How long I or anyone else stays on the sidelines and smokes our respective stash and at what point we need to restock compared to when supplies normalize- who knows.
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  19. Fantastic review thanks. Was fortunate to have this cigar suggested to me to try at a PCC cigar lounge In Hong Kong back 2010. Recall it as been a delicious smoke.
  20. C&C time with a 2019 Hoyo de Mena farm custom 54
  21. This was perhaps the toughest of the Matchups for me. Both can be superb when at their best. For me a great Monte 2 nudges out a great D4. I did go D4 just due to overall consistency
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