WINNER ANNOUNCED!! List your Starting 5 Comp

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Michael Jordan: Cohiba Esplendidos  Scottie Pippen: Monte 4 (MOB DIC 14) Dennis Rodman: RASS Ron Harper: HUHC (SOU NOV 19) Toni Kukoc: Trinidad Fundadores   Steve Kerr 6t

Currently, it would have to be the following... Cohiba Siglo VI ARG Jun 2015 Montecristo No.5 AUM Jul 2014 Por Larranaga Montecarlos LGR Oct 2017 Punch 48 LGR Oct 2018

1. RGPC (SOM MAR 16) 2. Hoyo du Depute (18 and 19s) 3. CoRo (GOS ENE 18) 4, 5, 6 Partagas Serie du Connaisseur 1, 2, 3 (1999, 2000, 1998). I guess that's 6, so scratch out the PSDC

Diplomatico No2
Partagas Aristocrats (yes, really)
RyJ Churchill
Ramon Allones SSC

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I could list five special, really old or discontinued cigars but instead I’ll go with five regular ones that don’t seem to ever let me down. 

HU Connie A 

Punch Punch 


Cohiba Siglo IV


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Every team needs a solid spine, round which you can fit in flashier players. These make up my solid spine; I would trust any of them to take penalties in a shootout.

Bolivar Petit Coronas MSU MAR 19

Monte 4 ABO JUN 19

Monte 3 BUM SEP 14

Bolivar Tubos no 1 ULA JUL 15

SCDLH El Principe LGR JUN 18

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I cannot say that I think about cigars in these terms. There are good, bad and average cigars, and I have a share of all of them.

Cigars from '01 have been standouts for me. The RAPC, the du Roi, various Lonsdales and Coronas to name a few.

I don't smoke these cigars every day. I reach for them when I am actually looking for something different to smoke. When I have the time to contemplate smoking which I seem to do less and less these days.

Mainly I smoke through a handful of vitolas, and the brand mean precious little. I smoke some petit Robustos, PCs, and sub-PCs depending on what I have opened and spilled into the smoking drawer. I don't tend to smoke these from a box anymore. I dump them in an open space, push my finger through the pile until I see one to smoke. RASCC, Monte 5s, Hoyo PRs, RyJ PRs are just some rolling around in there.

The best cigar is currently the cigar I am smoking. I smoke one at a time and think largely about that one and not a whole host of others unless it was a real standout.

I smoked a really nice, likely the best cigar this year, Monte #2 from '08 to celebrate my friend Ricky. If I offered my friend a choice when he came by to smoke, Rick would often take a Monte 2.

I know... As usual I have not bothered to follow the rules of the game. Rules are boring!

Cheers! -Piggy

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19 hours ago, westg said:

IMG_20210515_141737_830.jpg.602fd28d5a1b7174f28a70d0971f1d22.jpgR &J Wide Churchill TUA MAR 20 I think absolutely magnificent

San Cristobal Prada 

Punch Short de Punch. RAT ENE 20

H Upmann EL 2015

Monte Petit Edmundo BUP AGO 17









The Cappuccino looks awesome. Nice piece of art. I am sure it compliments the HU 56 

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For me right now it’s

Montecristo Double Edmundo, SOM AGO 16

Cohiba Siglo IV, LGA DIC 17

Partagas Series E No. 2, LTO MAR 20

Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro, box from 2018

H. Upmann Half Corona, GOS AGO 17

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I'll tell yall, this thread has me really thinking about diversity of my stock and growing to try new cigars. 

When I started with Cubans I clung to what I enjoyed. I went hard into D4s, and now have enough to survive a post apocalyptic scenario. All based on one golden box that I haven't been able to find again.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the need to stock pile more than 2 boxes has decreased, while the surprise of discovering what I'm going to get with any particular box has increased. It seems part of the game. The compulsion is gone. 

Now I'm in the process of turning most of my large humidor into singles storage, with half going for aging.

This thread has given me some more ideas on what to try next. Thanks! 

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lusitanias aso mar 17 - every cigar from that box has been outstanding. not sure it matters too much, but the wrappers are super-dark, oily, and brindled

monte especiales #2 reg abr 19 - like the lusis, they have been fantastic. grabbed a box of especials hoping they are as good but longer

por larranaga montecarlos tos feb 17 - stopped smoking this box to see how they do in 5 more years, but these made me go deep on this cigar

upmann connoisseur #1 bre mar 19 - consistently good cigars, but with enough power to see they will benefit from rest, excited to see where these go

bolivar silver jubilee er hong kong 19 - wish i had a box, slept on these and only picked up a 6er, but goddamn, each has been so good that i'm kicking myself for not grabbing as many as possible


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JL1 MGL MAR 20- meaty, robust, dense flavor

VR Famosos ARS SEP 19- truly delightful smokes

HU Majestic DEC 18- cheerful (every time)

RYJ SC FEB 19 (lost the box code)- need to get more, as they always satisfy

PLMC LGR AUG 19- these are a treat (need more) 

And after following the advice from a few on this forum, I will give an honorable mention to Quintero Tubulares RMO APR 19. Really a decent cigar.  (I find that short filler cigars never have construction problems, and that's not nuthin'.)







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•Hoyo Epi2s from late 19. 
•Lusis from 2017
•Magnum 46 from ‘20 (easily the most surprising of the bunch)
•Vegas Robaina Classico 2011 (absolutely brilliant cigar)
•P2s from 2015


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1 hour ago, loose_axle said:

Hoyo DC EGT NOV 20

Partagas Lusitania SOU NOV 19

Bolivar BF TUA SEP 20

Bolivar PC MSU JUN 19

PL Montercarlo RAT MAY 20

I have a box of EGT OCT 20 Hoyo DC I haven’t cracked yet.    Glad to hear they are smoking well.   

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In no particular order

Partagas Lusitania

Montecristo Double Edmundo

Hoyo de Monterrey Magnum 50

Trinidad Vigia

JC Newman The American, A cigar where binder, wrap and filler are all US grown tobacco.

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Wow this is challenging to narrow down to 5.

Current List of favourites:

1. RYJ Wide Churchill - Boxes of 2019/2020

2. Party E2 - Boxes of 2019

3. Trinidad Vigia - 2020

4. Cohiba Robusto - 2018

5. H.Upmann Mag 50 - 2020

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Great thread and very interesting to see the variation in top 5 rollouts... always a tough task... nice job to all who entered! :clap:

The random draw winner is @karp !!

Congrats !! :party:

Please PM your details (name, address, and email) to me, and we'll arrange dispatch of your prize. 

Thanks again to all participants! :thumbsup:

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  • MoeFOH changed the title to WINNER ANNOUNCED!! List your Starting 5 Comp

@karp Free cigars always smoke a little better than the rest! Way2Be!!!

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