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  1. There's still very loyal groups of 'size hounds' out there that love DCs...that said, I'm with you, I haven't smoked a DC in over 2 years...mainly b/c of constant construction problems with them, but also the almost 3hr commitment.
  2. I'll be in the minority & say this cigar has lost its mojo over the years, much like Trova. While yummy, the toasted marshmallow & cookie dough character is pretty hollow. I just don't get a real sense of complexity when I smoke them, especially compared to a CoLa. It could use a little more power like the Trini of old.
  3. Never have understood Coloniales or Reyes (even at old pricing). They just don't seem to get the high quality leaf like its big brothers.
  4. Wow...here's to hoping the US continues to lessen sanctions down there. It's not much, but something. The inflation they're experiencing makes most countries look dreamy in comparison.
  5. Thank you so much for your timely updates. You seem to be the only one in the CC community being completely transparent with info (at a time when the community needs it most). Cheers man
  6. Those Belux are smoking great right now IMO...toasted grain, floral, all LGC
  7. Just remember this all-important saying: 'It is what it is'. If you wanna defect to NCs, or slow way down on CCs, by all means do it. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy. Be glad you can afford to & love to smoke the luxury item that is Cuban Cigars. Outside of Cohiba/Trinidad, my enjoyment & relationship with CCs will not change at all. I'm incredibly happy (& oh so fortunate) to have found this hobby way back when. Cigars, fine wine & the like are all just cream.
  8. Will never defect to NCs, my hook was set on CCs from the beginning. RE: Cohiba, I won't be buying any & will smoke thru most over the next 10 years. Trini, same thing..except I will return to purchasing when this brand crashes in like 3 years. All other marcas are just fine for me, i dont have an issue with the pricing & will continue to sock boxes away for the future.
  9. Lucky to have some boxes from 17-on. Top 5 cigar coming off the island. It's a lovely cigar, full of elegance & grace...almost like smoking a glass of Krug Champagne. I sometimes wish there was a tad more power there like a 46, but that's splitting hairs.
  10. *sigh* I keep stacking PLPC cabs just because the thought of 50 cigars in a box is friggin' cool (& the obvious hope of caramel bombs at 10+ years). Really wish they still did Punch Punch in that format. My only gripe is PLPCs aside, they typically do not travel well.
  11. 600 Euros for my beloved Laguito Vigia. I'm pretty crushed.

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