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  1. Just perfect construction, and wonderful flavors, ...but missing the twang
  2. Bolivar Sobereños (LGR Jul 2018) - In the past, I recall this being an amazing cigar. Perhaps it’s me, or just tonight, but this evening’s enjoyment seems held back by the Duke size …and the attendant huge nicotine at the end just seems overpowering, in not the best of ways. Great 1st and 2nd, …but I’m challenged by the last third, which was not at all the case a while ago. Enjoyable, but I think I’ll put these down a bit longer… Questions for you all: Does rest/aging help with nicotine strength? Does that trait diminish over time? Perhaps this was a one off but would welcome your thoughts. Thanks!
  3. RA Club Allones (TOR Dic 2015) from our hosts! Always a pleasure to smoke this cigar, ...except my ceiling fans outside made a mess I'll need to clean up. At least it's remarkably cooler this evening in the Low Country!
  4. Enjoying my first Nudie and started with a 2019 thanks to @leafdream54! Great construction, and just a very pleasant cigar. ps: Sorry we didn’t get to that comparison herf Chris! Busy times. One day or another
  5. For a while, I really enjoyed an Ashton VSG (trying out another NC thanks to an FoH recommendation). Great flavor, but so linear it became a bit boring. ...This is a perfect opportunity for a petit corona to save the day (er, evening Thanks to @rascalmonkey for the opportunity for the uplift!
  6. Congratulations @traveller!! ...And many thanks to FOH for the good fun for us all in trying :)
  7. ER Mexico 2016 (5.5” x 52) I struggle to call this a "fat bastard" (especially misspelled as basterd but it fits Moe’s definition for ring gauge — and, thankfully, gave me an excuse to finally light one of these. (Thank you Moe!!) The pre-light brought light earth and a bit of “clean” mushroom, if you will. The light itself was surprisingly mild, but it quickly picked up to mid-strength, especially with retros. Hay (but not in the too-young Cohiba sense; more like almost a late-season hay, if that makes sense), plus floral and subtle spices. The smoke production is something to behold, especially for what was in the beginning such a medium strength cigar. (Don’t know if the pic does it justice.) Entering the 2nd/3rd, it ratchets back down again to mild-medium for a short while, but with very pleasant though subtle complexity; cinnamon stepping forward. …But then, surprisingly, ratchets well up to medium-strong before the mid-point. Full on cinnamon now with citrusy twang bumping up and up and a little saline. My problem is I’m enjoying this so much that I’m smoking it too fast. Consciously slowing down now, it seems that the retros are the lightest of leathers despite full flavor on the puff. Remarkably, the beginning of the 3rd/3rd again seems to ratchet down in strength, though the retros have pick up greatly in complexity — slightly fermented flavors, slightly bread, and just an overall slightly sour richness; quite nice. Smoke production continues to be remarkable. Not surprisingly, strength then picks up again in this final third, in a pleasant way (and, helpfully, reminding me to slow down again). I’m pacing myself to enjoy this last bit. Cedar steps up considerably in flavor nearing the nub, though the cinnamon never lets up, nor does the "twang" I enjoy so much. (It varies but it's consistent nonetheless.) The smoke production is/was also continuously remarkable for such a medium now medium-full cigar. Not a single touch up required, this is/was just beautifully constructed. (There was tad bit of "tar" flavor at the end, as the heat picked up, but only because I got greedy trying not to let it go.) As always, grading is in the eye of the beholder. To me, this is a 94 (maybe plus) and I don’t know if added age could possibly improve it. That said, I’ll save the rest at least for a while, until another inspiration causes me to dig deep in the humidor. (This was my first of these -- Thanks again Moe!) All the best, -Glass Half Full
  8. This cigar is IMO perhaps the most inconsistent of all CC's. That said, they are rarely a disappointment. I have been struck by how truly wonderful they can be, but also how "just good" they can be. When really "on" (sometimes as the youngest) they are remarkably good (though even then there are rarely -- but occasionally! -- 3/3rds of progression) -- just either a very, very pleasant experience or just plain pleasant, again IMO. ...And differences are remarkable from the same box.
  9. I have always enjoyed reading your reviews and notes. No question we are fortunate to learn from so many who contribute to this site.
  10. Monday night "light" Fonseca No. 1 (OEP Nov 2014; from our hosts). Good construction and pleasant and varying flavors; mild but with enough twang to make it very pleasant.
  11. Especial No. 1 (thanks to an FOH friend). ...While it doesn't hold a candle to Puro y Vino's La Escepcion SF (which I believe was the best cigar that I have over had), this one is a wonderful reminder of the enjoyment to be had from a long and skinny. Good fortune that it happened on the same Sunday afternoon :)

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