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  1. another warm day but nothing like a cool mojito with cigar
  2. Very enjoyable (has some age to it) only neg was ring size. Have tried a few others from Serino and they were all pretty good expect for the Connecticut (hit me like a brick -lol)
  3. Probably had it min 2-3. Am assuming first time was the first strain since I travelled a couple times right before the shutdown and then later tested for antibodies. All times started with headaches day or two then brief fever for a day. That was it, never got worse luckily. Never lost taste or smell
  4. Had one of these at local shop awhile back and thought I try another to see if it was as good as first one. Aroma- mix of barnyard, forest/mushroom and tobacco. Easy light and draw. Getting some dark chocolate along with the forest. Another humid night. Nice flavor and easy going cigar, good build. 2nd getting more toasted tobacco, cocoa in background. Last third getting a spearmint flavor but not bad. Don’t remember that before. No pepper that I could taste. 87-88. Would try again at local shop.
  5. Not much aroma pre-light but maybe due to being very humid out. Can’t smell the mint in the mojitos either and not for lack of mint. At least I can taste it. Draw was all mild coffee. After lightning- sweet cream coffee, now I am getting coffee and tobacco aroma. Burn is sharp. Now getting a caramel candy flavor, coffee still around. Did not change up much after that. Normally smoke these during day but it was pretty hot/humid so wanted a lighter stick. 88-89.
  6. Not so sure now. I really enjoyed the anniv V. Will have to try the plain V to see if same. The floral note was very good.
  7. First time trying a regular serie v, have always smoked the melanio both regular and maduro. The melanio is one of my fav NCs. The V anniv had a unique shape and good price so I bought a handful for our poker game. Wasn’t really paying attention to this last week but when done it was just a good cigar. Had one left over so figured give it a try for the NC review. Aroma very pleasant- floral note was first, then a chocolate chip cookie? Very easy to light and burn was spot on. Getting a chocolate chip walnut cookie flavor (who doesn’t like that). Little spice- sweet cinnamon and cedar. Did not get much change throughout cigar but did not care. The aroma and taste were very pleasant/enjoyable. Draw and burn right on. Will pick up a few more of these for muggy summer weather. 89-90
  8. psp from ‘16 draw a little tight at first
  9. last night aged D4 - really good with tequila neat day off today - well wife says I am off everyday compared to her!!!

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