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  1. I thought I was the only one! To me, these are just dullsville. No subtlety or nuance, just straight-up-the-middle-tobacco and mildness in the extreme. They're not offensive by any means, but I resent them for wasting my time.
  2. Yeah, I feel no compulsion at all to put this record on. Lightning and Puppets are all I need. Also, I think Enter Sandman is horrifyingly overrated. I'll give this record a 5/10.
  3. @El Presidente, try a Tatuaje Reserva J21 if you can find one. Imagine a Monte 4 on steroids.
  4. Watch out for poor examples in anything from 1999 to 2001 (inspect if you can), but if you can bypass those, most of the 2001 Punch DCs I've had have been godlike. I've got a little more than a box left and I'm allowing myself only to indulge in them very sloooooooooowly- I don't want them to end.
  5. I think I agree with what seems to be the early consensus around here: 7/10.
  6. It's a 9/10 for me. I prefer the more complex Zeppelin, but you can't deny the raw energy and spank on display here.
  7. I'm surprised to find myself the first in this thread to mention the Romeo y Julieta marca. A touch of sweetness to be found there across the board, I would say.
  8. This hypothetical scenario isn't about trying to convert anyone; just demonstrating differences and what's out there.
  9. Your buddy in the well-stocked cigar store is a veteran NC smoker. You have your choice of one common, regular production stick with which to introduce your friend to "dat Cuban twang". Production years and box codes being unavailable/unreliable and all else being equal, what's the consistently twang-forward cigar, year in and out, that you grab to make the introduction?
  10. The number of the cigars in the book that you could buy for the price of the book is... not small.
  11. More than 10 albums worth of material of such a high level in a 6/7-year recording career- talk about prolific output. I'd have to give this album a 10.
  12. That Lawrence of Arabia was made is an absolute miracle and so is the movie, itself. It's among my personal top 20 and, out of 10, I'd give it 10 for sure.

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