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  1. EMA ABR 08 Diplomaticos No. 4 These came from an auction of @Elpresidente personal stock. Because I like this cigar so much but it was so long since I had one, I was worried my high expectations were going to ruin it for me. I bought them last October but cracked the box today. Excellent cigar and just what I was hoping for. GEM SEP 20 Monty Leyenda. Wow, these are good. Only two days into July and I’d have a tough time picking my cigar of the month.
  2. 🇨🇦 day means an RE 🇨🇦 Line up UEB AGO 18 Diplomaticos Nortenos . Half way through this box and it was the best one yet. TEB OCT 08 Bolivar Simones. Always love the yellow paper when I open the cabinet. One of the best cigars I’ve had this year. LAR SEP 12 VR XV Anniversario. Great way to finish the day.
  3. Yesterday a very good UTL FEB 19 JL2 Today opened a new box of PTG MAR 20 BBF. Excellent first cigar from this box.
  4. As will As will I. I picked up four bottles of the 704 a while back but haven’t tried one yet.
  5. About a half hour ago I almost grabbed one of those. Had a long crappie day at work so thought I’d wait until my head was in the right place to enjoy it because I do really like them. Grabbed a RASS from a cab instead and so far so good.
  6. Last night my favorite DC. An ABO DIC 17 RAG. Outstanding. Tonight a MGL SEP 20 RA No. 2. Half way through this box and they have been consistently very good.
  7. I had one last night and RAG is my favorite DC but I would call me have one occasional not regular. Yesterday I wasn’t able to have a cigar during the day because work was crazy. In fact the whole week was crazy so I felt it was a good time to break one out. It was an outstanding cigar.
  8. I’m not an expert on this but Canada, the US AND Mexico have trade agreements to eliminate duties and autos are a main component of those. I don’t think it makes a difference and they would single out one type of vehicle. Our sales taxes and other taxes are higher than the US but the wide gap in what companies charge in one country vs the other for the same vehicle are their choices. Typically a particular car company uses a similar pricing strategy on different types of vehicles.
  9. Yesterday the last RAE MAR 15 Punch Punch from a cab. Today my first RAE MAR 15 Punch Punch from a cab. Love these.
  10. The real reason to have a global pricing strategy is to control grey market as much as possible (difficult). Normally when a company does this they don’t take the highest priced market in the world as the benchmark. It should be based on their COG, cost to run the business and there expected profit. Car companies are interesting as the price between the same car in Canada vs. the US varies widely by manufacture. Actually exchange is around 1.26 as an average the last six months but varies widely on a seemingly constant basis. Lot of companies price their cars 20-30% more in Canada to fully or more than fully account for exchange. Others are around 10% and Porsche which I have recent first hand experience with was only 7% higher in Canada than the US price. They price to the market and average globally to arrive at the desired target.
  11. Yesterday a Diplomaticos RE 🇨🇦 And then a Puntillas with a frozen mojito. Topped of with a visit from my daughter. Great Father’s Day.
  12. When I bought a couple of these PSP UEB MAR 18 Monty 4’s boxes from 24/24 @Elpresidente said to put them away for three years. I waited three years to open the first box which was consistently very good. Just cracked open the next box and great start to this one.
  13. Yesterday a brilliant EOS DIC 14 Siglo III. Today did a nice day trip to a small town and enjoyed a OER OCT 20 RyJ No. 4 and then tonight a ARS AGO 18 Fundy, one of the better ones from this box.
  14. From my first box, I’ve had four. Two were great and two only ok because of slight under filling. Hopefully the balance of this box and the others are not under filled because when there not, they really are very good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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