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  1. Thanks to everyone at FOH! 3 drop dead gorgeous cigars, wrappers are right out of Dreamland 🌈 The wrapper on the Lusitania makes my knees weak 🤗
  2. Watching a World Championship Parade this morning definitely makes my cigar sweeter!
  3. One nice thing about CC’s is the box dating, so you know when they’re hot there hot and when they’re not. With NC’s you have no idea when they were sent out, just when you bought them.
  4. Thanks to a cigar loving friend I have 1 NC, knowing him I’ll bet it’s a good one. It’s a beautiful looking cigar with a dark brown mahogany wrapper. It’s the very definition of boxed pressed, square as a rubik’s cube until it tapers to the head. Cold draw is all cedar with a tiny bit of resistance. Opening puffs are a yummy chocolate marshmallow flavor, a few more puffs and I get a big blast of cedar and white pepper. It settles back down to a nice balance between creamy chocolate, cedar and white pepper. A little under medium body, very smooth and soft smoke. I’m thinking of a nice glass of Tawny Port and tiramisu, but it’s 11:00 am. An inch in it gets richer, chocolate caramel now with a delicate cedar finish. Halfway body goes a little over medium, sweet cedar is the dominant flavor, still plenty of chocolate, the pepper finish is starting to turn from white to black. Last 1/3 cedar comes down and chocolate is replaced with black licorice, pleasant black pepper finish. This cigar is dessert by itself, but I’d sure like to have the Port and tiramisu with it.
  5. It looked like a Hoyo GR when I saw it.....but that’s as close as I’ve ever been to one
  6. Fortunately I did not make the mistake I have so many times, buying a box and waiting years to try one only to find they’re delicious and long gone. I tried this cigar soon after I got a box, It reminded me of tasting a great young red wine. I could taste loads of sleeping flavor, didn’t know what was sleeping but I hoped it would be good and bought more. It took quite a few years, but it was worth the wait to get to Cointreau City🌈 PRA JUN10
  7. What’s the zoom password?

  8. Very smooth colorado wrapper, nicely filled at 12.5g. Cold draw has a little resistance with toasted tobacco and raisin bread flavor. Opening puffs are very fruity with a sweet creamy finish. Turns into toasted buttered yellow raisin bread with creamy coffee, a little under medium body. 2/3 I’m left with just cream and cedar for a while, then coffee cake with dark raisins shows up as body comes up to medium. Almost to the last 3rd and the coffee cake is gone, it’s tea time with a light tannic finish. Last 3rd is all dark plums and cedar. Who am I......
  9. A very 🎂🍾HAPPY BIRTHDAY🍾🎂 to you Diana! Thanks for all you’ve done to get my boxes of chocolates to me❤️
  10. Smoke the D4, that way whenever you light one up you’ll have the memory of that celebratory day. If you smoke the Siglo VI you’ll have to sell your child to afford another memory 👻😰
  11. The last time I saw a Regios it was on a milk carton

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