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  1. I have seen your email my friend and have you on my list. Been very busy and traveling a lot for work. I will try to respond to you this week. Cheers. -R
  2. I am well suited to work from a remote office. I have done it for 4 years now. However, there is a balance, and the one working remote (autonomously) must be trustworthy enough to know the need to isolate and work, or be present with the team and work. There are many other factors here. Do you have a dining room table or an actual office? Having been self-employed for decades I understand the need for a remote office, not a desk in my living room. There is a huge difference. MHO. My company pays for my office equipment, but I support it with my own. I have no more downtime than the company does as far as technology is concerned. I pay for my own 'seat' for software that I want to use if different from the company. I run it on my own computer(s). I work more like a consultant than an employee... When you sell your life force for money the arrangement should be bilateral. Depending on the work, your skill level, value of your time, this may not be the case for all people. I think the employer should have the rights to call the shots here. I do what my employer asks, and if they ask too much, I will move on. I will not commute 100 miles each way to our corporate office. Nor will I commute 40 miles each way to downtown LA at the cost of 5 hours a day of my own time. Those are breaking points for me. I will however, fly commute, once a week if necessary, on demand if necessary to support my jobs and my teams. Most in my industry teammates need to be on the job site. I don't... However I do know when I have to go and I don't duck it. Flying for work sucks... don't get me wrong. However it is better to keep my autonomy and work outside of local, keeping my remote office, than to commute daily and work at a job site. There is a compromise. Most that do what I do, want to work close to their home. I don't care... But for the days that I am not 'out of town, on-site' I work from a remote office (at my home). There is no, 'one size fits all' here. This is the reason that the government should stay out of it and the employer should do what they feel is right for their own company. For me... I am far more productive at my office. My teams are comprised of people I love and care for. I believe they feel the same about me. We eat, bitch, talk, joke and pal-around together, when together. It is frankly harder for all of us, in many cases, with me around, unless I am just there to solve problems. In the end a 'one person hour' problem should be solved by a person in an hour. Often collaboration is the best solution, but when a one person hour problem becomes a three and four person hour problem, time and effort is squandered and the company we work for gets cheated. I can spend an hour solving a problem in person, that I can solve in 5 minutes over the phone. Togetherness, can be both good and bad for the company's time. Flexibility is the right move here. If one falls in the camp of all or none; that is a mistake. MHO. -tP
  3. Totally disagree with you mate. I cannot speak for others here, but there are many people who say enough is enough regardless of who makes the product. Capitalism through completion keeps most industries in check around my country. We have monopolies still certainly... government for one, media and some high tech. When the airlines price themselves (or are priced by market forces) above the threshold of pain, people stop flying. When beef is too high, people move to chicken and pork... We do the same here to our capitalism comrades all the time. Me, I am rooting for Tabacuba to fail. I have been for a decade. I was way... way... out in front of this pack. They have been destroying the traditional concept of the cigar, cigar smoking, smoking evolution for decades now. I hope they have to pay the piper! I am glad some people are pissed! I hope more get there. Look, I do not want this to go awry... but your analogy is power companies!!! At least 50% of the population everywhere knew that the greens were going to destroy the energy sector as we know it, sooner or later. That is not capitalism. That is a minority ruling the energy sector via fiat. And for those who voted for the fools running the show... you, me, we... get what we deserve. Go to one of our gas pumps and see who is raping the end user. It is not the driller or the refiner. It is those in the capital domed buildings collecting the taxes. While the refiner makes a few cents a gallon, in my state, the government (collectively) is taking a buck or more! ... and the roads still suck... and the government still wants more money to fix them! Cuba has been in a sweet spot for the blame game for decades now. A lot on this forum over the years. People have been giving them a pass and protecting them (typically our resident socialists) for years and years. Blame America... blame the embargo... I have read and seen it all. Their economic and political system is a shambles. That is because it is build on the ideas of losers, thugs and charity cases. This is likely going to lose everyone, but I will pitch it. Look at what is happening with the CC. You happy? Look at what your dependence on a communist country with socialist/communist leadership has gotten you. F'd. Now look abroad. What has Europe gotten by being lead by the greens... and other socialist groups/philosophies. Dependent on Russia for oil (another good reliable communist run country). And what do they always do with the money.... ? Expand the empire! Look at America... who runs it currently? The greens and other socialists... Where has it gotten us? Same boat. I paid $6.99 a gallon for fuel in the Peoplez Republik of Kalifornia (the capital by the way...) yesterday. A plainer lesson on capitalism vs. socialism right down to your favorite hobby. One needs to be blind not to see the correlation. Cheers! -R
  4. … planes must fuel in Cuba and bring home fuel and baby food!!! -lol
  5. … how many cigars does it take to buy a 911 4S? -🤪
  6. I use management hardware. The telephone. how are you doing what are you doing how long till you are done substitute any above. I would prefer you do this do it now 4 times a day to start. Good mentoring is better than any software. Teach people to do things correctly and in the right order and you can stop using the hardware. -the pig
  7. Now let’s talk about the fax machine…. -lol the Pig
  8. At the risk of being called depressing… I see some of what Mus is saying about a ‘hyped’ cigars and expectations. My spin goes like this. Any cigar can be celebratory. This is not to belittle you personal enjoyment of this moment and the reason you may want something special. I hope everyday is special for you. Me… I am kicking back celebrating getting thought another day of poison arrows of the competitive world I work in. I have cracked a beer (gift from my hotel desk clerk who happens to like my cigars) and a little smoke to haze and jade my perspective from negative to one more positive. Whether it be a S-6 or Upmann Half Coronas (as I am smoking now) enjoy life when and where you can. Every day with a good cigar can be a reason to celebrate. May you and your new family be blessed. Welcome to the forum! -the Pig
  9. ... A good list. The gist of it reads, governments, Cuba et al, destroying cigar smoking; bad marketing, bad legislating, bad taxing... -the Pig
  10. Rob should be producing a good cigar for consumption by real people on a regular basis full time by then. There is an ass for every seat I say!!! Creative destruction is a term used on both sides of the economic aisle. In this case I will lean Marxist... as we are dealing with a Marxist state. What they are doing is creating expensive 'shit' cigars to destroy the entire Cuban cigar industry. And it is working. Most are about a decade or more behind the curve here. Tabacuba has been on this path of destruction for 2 decades. Welcome to the fight! MHO... -Piggy
  11. ... ahhh someone who can afford Cohibas. Can I borrow some money...? (read with levity) Welcome to the forum mate. I have one box of these from about 20 years ago. I have had them for that long and have yet found a reason to smoke them. -LOL Maybe smoke one today and let you know that they are okay to smoke.!!!! Cheers! -Piggy
  12. Things to bring: BMW (non-M versions will need to be parked out back) Rolex Wad of cash- to buy the latest fat cigar with the most bands 64+1 Jet, smart lighter with unrefined fuel refining capability, BMI index reading, with testosterone dosing recommendations. a feigned ignorance and distain for Cuban cigars Smart phone to check your sports bets and to alleviate boredom. No, I am not jaded! I just go there to buy Dupont lighter fuel... 🤪 -The Pig Oh... by the way Mr. Sageman, welcome to the forum! Don't mind me, I am the forum curmudgeon.

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