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  1. Most flavorsome, I would characterize that as richest/palate enveloping probably. In that case I would have to go for: 1. PSE2 2. PLMC with some age on them
  2. It only has 1 movement. Doppelfederhaus just means the movement is equipped with 2 mainspring barrels, giving it a longer power reserve.
  3. I second this 😄 Have always just put them in a drawer in my humidor.
  4. COVID didn’t affect my sense of taste/smell. Just a high fever for 2 days and 3 days of fatigue, then immediately back to feeling like my usual self.
  5. My mom briefly had an Austin Metro in the early 90’s, as our second car. It was pretty shit. My uncle owned a Maserati Biturbo in the late 90’s, which was a pretty cool car. But it had terrible wiring (surprise surprise), so we rewired it completely.
  6. These are awesome, a mechanical chronograph for the price is insane. Column wheel chronograph too. Plus they look cool
  7. It must be a deliberate choice by the blender. Perhaps to convince people that it’s ‘full flavor, firing on all cylinders from light up’ or some such marketing nonsense
  8. Drew Estate Liga Undercrown Maduro Belicoso (NCRW) This must be pre 2015 because it had no foot band
  9. As I do smoke a portion of NC, I thought I would do a review on the one that’s never let me down (in any vitola for that matter). This particular example is the Belicoso, it’s without a ‘Maduro’ foot band so it must be from before 2015. These are the NC equivalent of a Monte 2 to me. Brought 2 of them to a buddies house and I decided we should pair this with a Blanc de Blancs Champagne as I find the acidity works well with this cigar. Pre-light A very dark and slightly mottled wrapper as they invariably have. A perfect roll, packed full and even. It smells of dark chocolate and barnyard. 2 snips of the perfect cutter and the cold draw tastes like toasted tobacco, hay and has a slight tingle like whole black peppercorns. The draw is quite open, despite the packed roll (I’ve come to expect this from Drew Estate). First third The first few draws are quite peppery, and that’s about all you can taste. But no worries, these seem to always open up that way and then quickly transition to their actual profile. And so does this one, after about 5 puffs the main draw flavor is a sweet, maybe molasses like, chocolate. The finish is a little spicy and sweet like cayenne pepper. Second third The upfront sweetness subsides a bit, the chocolate is now darker and a little bitter. It’s accompanied by light raisins like Sultanas. Here, the pairing with the champagne comes into it’s own. The finish has moved to baking spice and is a bit peppery on the retrohale. It’s cruising right along, putting out copious amounts of smoke. Final third The dark and bitter chocolate is now overshadowed by a deep sweet earth and leather. On the finish I can still detect the Sultanas in the background. It has a little trouble burning in this last third, needs 1 relight. Conclusion A very good cigar, construction is very consistent and I really like the flavors. Chocolate like a good Monte 2. We ended up smoking these in about 1hr 20mins. Paired with the champers and good company, an allround great experience. Only took the 1 picture because we were too busy enjoying ourselves. 91/100
  10. I get them, specifically for those moments when I don’t want to sit down for an hour and a half. They burst with flavor and are almost always satisfying.
  11. Didn’t really get it when I saw it when I was in my teens. But now that I myself am in my mid 30’s, a lot of it rings true and is recognizable. Watched it some years ago and liked it. I remember it having a pretty great soundtrack too. 8/10
  12. My most terrible shocker was a Davidoff Royal Robusto. Very dirty, muddled and just not very enjoyable. Something very different from the Davidoffs I do like. Pitched it halfway through. Nothing to do with storage either, I had it with all my other cigars (that did smoke wonderfully) for over a year before I smoked it. For something that’s supposed to be top tier of a prestige brand, it shocked me at how bad it actually was. Good thing I didn’t pay for it myself 😄
  13. Not much of a Bob Dylan fan. My dad is, I used to hear him play this all the time but never could get into it myself. 7/10 for my old man’s sake 😄
  14. For me, the cigars I love and smoke the most didn’t really get that much of a price increase. Also, I’ve got enough in the collection to hold me over for a long while. So I haven’t paid it any extra thought and have enjoyed them as much as I ever did.

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