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  1. i don't, but i generally get 45 without trying. the point though was to fit the cigar to the window of opportunity. a 60min window is perfect for a 45min cigar. -dobbs
  2. to me, this cigar is perfect for what it is trying to be: a tasty small cigar. i get that some folks don't like short cigars, but for those of us who routinely find ourselves with a 40-60min window and want to enjoy a tasty cigar, the huhc fits the bill. -dobbs
  3. i have boxes of nc's that i've "aged" only because i've got enough cigars and wandering attention. the blanket statement that nc's don't change over time has not been true in my case. i have some 2014 tatuaje black label corona gordas that are still smoking fantastic. i like to let any cigar rest for 3 months before starting in, regardless of country of origin. buy cigars, smoke the ones you like when you want to smoke them. it really is that simple. -dobbs
  4. one of my favorite pictures of all time, top 5 for sure. the theatrical release is crap, but once they removed the narration and the "driving into bliss" ending, it clicked. the subtle editing is great, has tons of visual jokes, the set design is near perfect (for its time), the romance is laughably forced, and it all comes together with that score from vangelis. the picture asks us what is so important about being human, drops a bunch of hints about why deckard is and isn't so special, invented the visual style of a dystopian megalopolis which inspired so many good and bad imitators, wrapped it in a neo-noir package so tasty, and had rutger hauer releasing a dove!!! what the hell more do you want? 10/10 -dobbs
  5. i'll somewhat echo el presidente. i think that currently there are a lot of desk jobs that cannot be outsourced, but it is only a matter of time. not that long ago chinese manufacturing was a joke... -dobbs
  6. i've had several and have never been impressed. i even bought a few of the anejados hoping to taste what everyone else loves, but no dice. i finally had a "good" one about a year ago, but it wasn't good enough to purchase more. i definitely don't get it. -dobbs
  7. these slow & low are a little too sweet, but not bad in a pinch: the cans sure travel easy. -dobbs
  8. it took a while for me to get a good one, but once it hit, i totally got it. great cigar, still sitting on a few, takes me a little over 1-1/2 hours to smoke one and it is fantastic when on. not much can touch this cigar when it's firing on all cylinders. one of the best, without a doubt. -dobbs
  9. i quit cigarettes almost 20 years ago, but handrolled my own from drum. can't imagine rolling in advance of smoking, but then again yours have filters. a machine i assume? -dobbs
  10. the book is by one of our greatest living writers and the movie is largely faithful. the coen brothers have made some amazing films (some bad ones too though). the performances are outstanding and there's not much keeping it from being a perfect picture. i understand the topic is not to everyone's taste, but it is seriously packed with nuance and in my top 5 for sure. one of my favorite parts of the movie is the fact that llewellyn's death is completely outside of the action. super-daring narrative move that keeps focus on the core concept of the film: it is not an action movie, it is a study of morality and a meditation on how little has changed. to be fair the book handles it that way as well. not much recent filmmaking comes close, 10/10 for sure. -dobbs
  11. great picture, changed filmmaking for better and for worse. definitely tarantino's high-water mark, all downhill from there. i remember it was released to indie theaters before getting wider release in shopping-mall theaters. when i saw it at a tiny theater, several people walked out, the rape scene got the last few squeamish folks. the picture is a masterpiece, in that only a master filmmaker could have made it. the timing and editing are impeccable and hugely influential. the non-linear storytelling is largely a gimmick, but it works. the brutally funny moments are probably its greatest quality. the casual profanity and violence contrasted with some super-mundane dialog was definitely a breath of fresh air, and importantly, the characters are presented from a very human and relatable perspective, despite the fact that they're not normal people at all. unfortunately its success led less-talented filmmakers and studios to hack together mouthy, violent, and "shocking" movies to capitalize on pulp fiction's success. also unfortunate was the license handed to tarantino to make some really bloated and/or bad films in its wake. top ten? maybe based on the influence it has had, definitely not in my top 10, maybe top 25. i'm probably being unkind, but my taste in film is unpopular. -dobbs
  12. the d4 can be great, i have a bmp nov 16 box that i'm savoring. not all are amazing, but there's a very good average. honestly, the d6 blend is better to my palate, but pricing is ridiculous, an that factors-in for me. i always get the sourdough note, and i love it. some good spice and rotating notes of earth or woodiness. partagas might be my favorite marca, and i really enjoy the d4, but i get why some may not. -dobbs
  13. i am not, i live in the sf bay area but have been to san diego a few times with people who love the place. thanks for the invite! -dobbs
  14. heck yah, san diego mexican food rules. if you get drunk-hungry or hungover, try a california burrito. hell, try one regardless, that's the only city in the world where they are awesome. that ceviche looks legit, by the way, but corn on a taco is a sin. -dobbs
  15. i used to ride a lot, not so much these days. i had a lugged, carbon fiber look that never fit me right. i rode that damn thing from los angeles to monterey, mostly out of spite. got cyclist's palsy as a reward. these days i pursue comfort. bars at saddle height minimum, fattest tires the frame will accommodate, and an out-of-fashion triple crankset so i can spin my ass up the hills. sometimes building bikes is funner than riding them, good luck. -dobbs

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