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  1. Fantastic review thanks. Was fortunate to have this cigar suggested to me to try at a PCC cigar lounge In Hong Kong back 2010. Recall it as been a delicious smoke.
  2. C&C time with a 2019 Hoyo de Mena farm custom 54
  3. Sorry to read that it was a bit of tight roll and gave you some angst on the course. Sounds like the flavours were there though in patches.
  4. A 2017 La Trova last evening. Salty butter coupled with leather, earthiness and creamy coffee
  5. Splendid evening last night with some Mumm brut and a Valiosos. Lovely pairing
  6. Little lunchtime Perla from 2015 to make a nice C&C break.
  7. A delicious Perla from an aged 2015 box off 24:24 recently
  8. Nice review and pics. Sure sounds like a fine example of the boli tubos!

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