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  1. It’s always funny how memory and reality differ. I thought I had three 10’ers left and a few singles. Took a look at my master spreadsheet- I had forgotten about some Tubos and a box of 25 (last years cigar of the year). Plenty to weather the storm but still in the list as a target. They seem to like a few years on them at a minimum.
  2. Nice review. Appreciate the photos and more importantly the nod to Habana MIke. He left quite a legacy.
  3. Your review did inspire me to try one that had been sitting for a while. A nice stick.
  4. Washed and waxed (well whatever the polymer is these days) three cars of the fleet. All in desperate need of a good cleaning. Two with some kind of black growth on the roof. Now all are clean and shiny. My reward an Upmann no 2, a modelo negra and a seat before I jump in the pool. Stick is from our host. A 2019 purchase of PSP/HQ that I split with a buddy so no code. Purchased in oct 2019 I think. Draw was very open. Like an nc. First third has nuts cream espresso/black licorice. Lots going on from the start. I have been thinking about those “target of opportunity” sticks for the next year. It may only be 6-12 boxes until the dust settles but I would like to buy at least enough to replace half of what I smoke. List will need to be curated and I will need to find some discipline 😂 So far this stick is worthy. The aftertaste is where this stick excels. Second third pivots into chocolate land on an aggressive draw. Odd. Not a Monte. I swear. More metered draws pull cream. A touch of leather in the aftertaste is emerging but hiding a bit. The cream journey continues through the final third. A great respite after some physical work. Likely on the list. Only 30 or so left on premises.
  5. I’m not so sure end of July will be the end of the transition. Lots of guys like me sitting on the sidelines for now. How long I or anyone else stays on the sidelines and smokes our respective stash and at what point we need to restock compared to when supplies normalize- who knows.
  6. Current tolerance to give stuff away remains high. Talk to me in a year. If it is truly cigarmageddon then I’ll have to reconsider
  7. Liked them enough at the time to buy four boxes. Still like them. Not in a love period right now. Perhaps the cost per stick, perhaps taste/seasonality who knows. I dip back every few months. It’s summer and very nice out so I’m plowing into the bigger forbidden Vitolas right now.
  8. With regard to grey market sellers, they have always seemed to hold some stock back. Even the one that I was aware of that periodically shared its stock list had things that would roll off after a two years or so. They still had the stock, just not for sale right now. Seems it is a bit of the industry practice. Now how much is left is a different issue, pandemic changed that practice for some I’m sure, but my guess is that at the current prices a lot of falls are smoking their stash so demand is light. How long these prices can hold is anyones guess. My sense is that Cohiba and Trin will have sales. The rest w a 20 odd percent increase won’t have much of a discount. But that’s my guess. I’ll wait and see. In the meantime kudos to FOH for keeping a supply coming for those here who need to resupply.
  9. It’s like a high class striptease w the tissue paper still in place. How will we ever know if each stick is worth the price of admission.
  10. The two I have had were nice but not drop dead chase the dragon experiences. Three left, for almost two years, and I likely won’t have more unless handed one. For me, the stick is just not as compelling a proposition as others. Now add in the price differential and dare I say I may be tapping out on Trin. Every man’s CC journey is different and mine did not include Fundi, even under the old prices. It won’t for sure under the new pricing.
  11. @Chas.Alpha thanks for the tip on total wine. Was unaware there was one near the beaches.
  12. This. my only concern would be if the cigars are exposed to a lot of heat without some moisture in there. I might even go w a 69 boveda and dry them out back to 65 or so when you get there. It is summer. The other question I would have is if you will be subject to Canadian Govt inspection. There could be a tax issue there if you are not careful.
  13. No pics as I was cleaning my pool but just about done w a mag 46. Tip o the hat again to @rcarlson for making me go deep in these two years ago. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to my prime steak brother.
  14. Anytime. I’m gonna put down some money your trip will be more of a vacation than my visits, although we are going down in august for beach time.
  15. Between Jax Beach and Ponte vedra is a decent liquor store Broudy’s Liquors 353 Marsh Landing Pkwy, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 they had a pretty wide collection of bourbon when I was visiting Family last March. Picked up a bottle of Peerless bourbon on sale for $75. Seemed to have a fair amount of good options of other liquors as well. I can’t speak to the Irish whiskey but you can call. There is also an ABC further down the road in a mall opposite the Marriott at TPC sawgrass. Both have customers who will buy good stuff so they stock it. Maybe 10-15 min down AIA to Broudy’s liquor. Another 5-10 to tpc. we walked past a cigar B&M in Jax beach by the beach, but didn’t go in. I brought my own CC. There were three guys in front smoking in some big leather chairs. Its a nice area to visit. Have a blast.

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