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  1. Have yet to have one. Shied away from boxes due to the quality concerns. The quality blew up and the price went up, sour grapes prevented that purchase then. Boyo, look at the now….
  2. Definitely looking forward to that string pulling the rug…should be a very interesting dynamic.
  3. There were literally stacks of these boxes back then and we didn’t buy one…too many options and limits. 😞 Plus the ones we sampled from a ‘18 sixer did not impress…still not fans of PL Picadores. Also, so you’re saying our ‘98 Romeo 1 tubos aren’t going to turn a corner then… maybe if we give them another round through the dog..? 🤣
  4. It is quite small as you can decipher from the key picture. One for the shelf for sure and a beauty we have.
  5. Think of all the lost cake boxes lined with an envelope of cash seeing the Siglo VI freed at Habana Libre….the horror…. The irony being the controlling interest tanks the cigar tourism of the country it essentially bought. The workers (flipper or shopkeep) absolutely lose. Certainly an interesting dynamic for the island.
  6. Not at all, same rules applied as Obama minus the people to people. No issues being in-person and contributing unless handing it directly to the military (gov’t). The embargo is what really caused all the problems (ahem)…/s…seriously though, the COVID situation has us all boned (world & world economy) and in it for a long time coming.
  7. This and drive the cigars yourself. The peace of mind would be worth the drive.
  8. That is a HUGE leap of reasoning. Shall we assume then your daughter was groped by a billionaire? Not reasonably. The comment was in response to the never ending ‘mob rule’ tactics of human nature. Hypocrisy and they all need to go if this is the set of rules and accountability.
  9. We’d need to remove the entire infrastructure and hit the reset button. Anything else is targeting who we don’t like and destroying them.
  10. Reality? There’s no NFL if today’s court of public opinion is broadly applied to the events of the past in any team’s history. But, sure, I’ll play outraged like the rest of the sinless and preoffended online…
  11. The need to even pose that question is a concern….wouldn’t buy from this person on general principle.
  12. Would love to have it but cannot make it there tomorrow to pick up. 😞
  13. Pres, Is this for ’21 stock or ‘22? TUA QdO CC, QdO 54, BRC, RAS, Lusi LOS Short Churchill all 🔥

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