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  1. My favourite ever sportsman (and I’m English, and cricket is by no means my favourite sport). An absolute genius, who I have spent many years watching live, and many hours watching on YouTube binges. This is from the guardian in the uk: “Cricket is a bitchy, unforgiving world. But nobody out there has a genuine bad word to say about Warne, from teammates to opponents to people who met him along the way. Quite the opposite. Instead the memory is of his abiding generosity.” Just devastating.
  2. Every team needs a solid spine, round which you can fit in flashier players. These make up my solid spine; I would trust any of them to take penalties in a shootout. Bolivar Petit Coronas MSU MAR 19 Monte 4 ABO JUN 19 Monte 3 BUM SEP 14 Bolivar Tubos no 1 ULA JUL 15 SCDLH El Principe LGR JUN 18

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