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  1. I actually don't know anyone that I would consider a mooch. That is to say I certainly wouldn't hang out with any. I share sticks with friends that will appreciate them. It's not like I haven't encouraged them to join FOH since I discovered the shop/forum in 2019, so if they don't have CC's in their humi that isn't a me problem...🙂
  2. PL Picadores, MOE OCT 14. Bought at the ol' Partagas LCDH in 2019. Pleasant and cheerful, these were the $4 stick that I would reach for, assuming that they had reached their full measure. I'd left the remaining 5-6 in the hollows of my cab until about a month ago: Wow! suddenly full cocoa/mocha/orange/citrus bombs! Duckling to Swan in a 6 month period!!! Unfortunately, I have only 5 left. No, You're not getting one...🙂
  3. I predict that a pair of new expensive shoes are in your future...
  4. Unfortunately, I live in Florida. We invented trashy attractions...😔
  5. Even though I cannot submit requests for the latest offering due to current household economics, I still find these listings as capricious and arbitrary! @Ken Gargett what the hell does that actually mean??? Still miffed at @WarriorPrincess for not cherry-picking boxes at my request. There are plenty of glass top boxes available on other websites! PM me for a link... 😀
  6. It's about 1 mile SW of Beach blvd and 295 on Town center pkwy. 15-20 minute drive from Jax beach. If you're looking for it they probably have it!
  7. 😀 This my favorite thing about FOH! I am always right, unless superseded by another opinion!
  8. Perfect format. The 2019/2020 blends are better than I have ever seen. I think there were two blend changes. One around 2007/08, another in 2019/2020. Regrettably, I have only 20 or so left of the '19's. Way better than the Cohiba, are we really comparing the Monte's? 🙂
  9. For those of us that remember the smell of the old ball game. Fresh baked pretzels, peanuts, hotdogs, open air cigar smoke paired with a local beer. Priceless...
  10. Lynch's Irish pub is literally across the street from the Jax Beach pier (still under construction). There is also an ABC liquor store on Beach .,blvd maybe 6 blocks West of 3rd st. a.k.a hwy 1. If you have a car, google map Total wine. They usually have most anything of everything! Drop a note if you plan on burning one. Island girl is a good room, valet parking that IG validates. @BlueRidgeFly
  11. Anytime @Ken Gargett posts, this is the image that I will have in my mind... Thanks FOH!!!

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