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  1. 👏👏👏👏Great job, Kim. Wonderful informative review of a great cigar and a fine smoking lounge. Going out to enjoy a cigar? Great. Going out to enjoy a cigar and a drink with your mum and sister? Priceless.
  2. I favor Montecristo over Partagas mostly but I am fond of both cigars. I chose the #2 just because I smoke more of them.
  3. I liked the songs on the radio when this came out but lost interest pretty quick. I know I’m getting old, the last band I really liked was Elvis Costello and the Attractions.
  4. I wonder, what if one wore a Yankees shirt to a Celtics game?
  5. I like everything about the SW. And, I like a Julieta #2 almost as much as a Corona Gorda. Definitely a special occasion smoke.
  6. MC#2 From our hosts. I’m a sucker for Monte Cristos and #2s can be fantastic. These look and smell great.
  7. I don’t think anyone can call a bottom or a top and a lot of famous investors agree. Dollar cost averaging works. “It’s different this time” has been proven wrong each time the markets peaked and bottomed in my experience. "I never buy at the bottom and I always sell too soon.” Baron Nathan Rothschild Harvey nailed it. A little speculation here isn’t foolish, but buying the market systematically ensures you are buying more low than high.
  8. Hypothetical Question. So you have a box of CORO or whatever Cohiba, resting up for slaughter in your stash. Now you see that said box of cigars has a high resale value and if sold, you may be able to buy 2, TWO, fifty cabs of RASS with the proceeds. Or a box of Siglo IV and PP swap, for example, gives you the same ratio of four for one or even three for one. I’m talking ball park figures here and if you have to give a few bucks to get it to work, well, you get the idea. Would such a calculation affect your enjoyment of the cigars?
  9. The gap in the C in Cuba on the band is a good tell of band authenticity. Counterfeit bands often do not have the gap. In the wacky world of Cuban Cigars my #1 rule is trust your vendor.
  10. I had a few cabs of the SS#2. Good cigars when they came around but it took a very long time.
  11. I’m not quite sure how long I hold the smoke, dwell, but I do try to savor every pull on the cigar. Blowing smoke slowly through the nose was a game changer for me and has increased my enjoyment, and nicotine buzz, immensely. When a cigar is very special, I’ve found that holding it so the smoke, drawn, blown, and rising from the foot enveloping my head can provide an exceptional experience.
  12. 1979 The Pretenders. Inflation was peaking in the US and we rocked out with their seminal debut album. Here’s a live cut.
  13. So my inlaws used to go to the Newport Folk Festival every year. About ten years ago I was taking to my MIL, (sigh, we miss that old lady something aweful) and somehow Bob Dylan came up in conversation. She said she saw him at Newport a long, long time ago with my FIL and the and a lot of people booed him. She said she didn’t care for his music, she liked Peter, Paul, and Mary.
  14. I think it’s a great movie. A brilliant mix of science fiction and film noir. M. Emmet Walsh? What’s not to love? 9 out of 10.
  15. Yes, the high price for Cohiba and Trinidad will prevent me from buying more and I’ll ration what I have selectively. That said, I’ve smoked some great cigars recently have been from the other marcas. Even at 800$ US, a 50 cab of RASS looks better to me than 25 CORO for 1300$. A 50$ cigar holds no allure for me, I find such a cigar gross. I’d rather do other things with the $$$. If the RASS are as good as the recent production has been, if one can get them, what to purchase is a no brainer.
  16. I keep a desktop humidor with about 12-18 cigars. It has a divider so I fill the empty side when I need a restock. I use a pound of Heartfelt beads to regulate the moisture in summer and I dry the beads out when things get too moist. It’s been working for me for years. Bovida 65% packs are good for less humid months.
  17. Monte Cristo Double Edmundo, ULE MAY 15. I can’t keep my hands off of these. There are often a couple in a good box that are stellar and this one was the bomb. 5 stars all day long.
  18. I wonder if Habanos is planning on manufacturing fewer cigars moving forward. Could their plan be fewer but much more expensive cigars? Production is already down because of the pandemic. I know next to nothing about the cigar industry but I can’t help but think they know they can produce the same revenue with a smaller, more controlled, production. What I read here tells me the the majority of the cigars Cuba cigars made in the last two years are outstanding and 24/24 Cohibas are snapped up in no time as the price escalates. If I was able to do less work and get more for what I do make I’d do it in a minute. And, I could deliver a better product.
  19. There was one of these, a 63 Split Window 'Vette, near where I lived as a kid. It's like your local pizza or mom's pot roast. It'll always be the one for me.
  20. Let's make fun of all nationalities and races. From the late, great, one and only, PJ O'Rourke. A racist rant making fun of racism published in the National Lampoon '76.
  21. I may very well smoke a few treasured lay downs in defiance. I'm not selling and I can handle the non Cohiba/Trinidad price hikes so far. Some of the cigars I sold............

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