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  1. golf - cigar golf- cigar golf - cigar chase momma around the room...
  2. From Wiki Many songwriters, including Paul McCartney and Jimmy Webb, have cited "God Only Knows" as their personal favorite song.[80] McCartney proclaimed that it was "the greatest song ever written".[91] His own "Silly Love Songs" (1976) incorporated a build-up of vocal counterpoints in the same style as "God Only Knows".[90] Wilson felt uncomfortable with the praise and said in 1976 that if McCartney's "greatest song" assertion was true, "[then] what was there left for me to do?"[92][nb 7] In 2002, Wilson and McCartney performed the song as a duet at the Adopt-A-Minefield Benefit Gala in Los Angeles. McCartney later said that he was so overwhelmed by Wilson's presence that he "broke down" during the soundcheck rehearsals.[94] Bono remarked that the string arrangement was "fact and proof of angels."[95] Barry Gibb said that it "blew the top of my head off ... My first thought was, oh dear, I'm wasting my time, how can I ever compete with that? We've [the Bee Gees] been competing with that ever since."[95] Margo Guryan said that the song inspired her to pursue a career in pop music instead of jazz piano. She said, "I freaked [when a friend played me the song]. I thought it was just gorgeous. I bought the record and played it a million times, then sat down and wrote 'Think of Rain.'"[96] John Lennon, according to Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner, "said he really dug [the song] and the world perked up".[97] Pete Townshend said, "'God Only Knows' is simple and elegant and was stunning when it first appeared; it still sounds perfect".[95]
  3. If one listens to Sounds similar to a symphonic composition, then the real genius of Wilson is clear. Wilson was able to get what he heard in his mind "onto tape". This was the album that pushed the Beatles to re imagine studio recording. SEVERAL icons in music cite God Only Knows as the greatest pop song recorded. A watershed event in popular music 10/10
  4. i cried driving in my car when the news broke about Eddie 10/10
  5. Mel Brooks is just plain funny. but this one didn't move the needle for me like saddles, anxiety, Frankenstein - so a 6/10 for me
  6. agree on boring. if Rob did a poll and said "i get it" i would say no
  7. this movie was aimed at boomers. i just missed that cut. william hurt was good in it. otherwise it's more of a chick flick... 2/10
  8. well, I'm not an aficionado of metal, nor Metallica. hard to argue the success of this record. they just never did it for me 5/10
  9. To me, this cigar is the classy version of the Monty 2. it has always impressed when I've shared with others
  10. 10/10! Landmark album by the bard Bobby Z he made molds and then broke them before anyone could figure out what was going on and, no surprise since I've written the above, major record for me there's Dylan, and then there's all the other song writers
  11. cool movie sci fi classic just not a needle mover for me 6/10

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