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  1. I’m seeing a few grey market dealers reducing prices on Cohiba and Trinidads already. So much for insatiable demand at any price. Wonder how that’ll shake out for retailers worldwide. Maybe a time is coming soon where they’ll have to buy a certain amount of Cohiba/Trinidad so that they can buy RyJ tubos as well.
  2. Got to pay to get into the hallows of the champagne tissue paper room.
  3. People don’t like it when others are able to access the finest things in what they regard as “their world” without somehow being first able to demonstrate themselves as deserving experts/connoisseurs. I think folks often forget that the only barrier to participation in a hobby like cigar smoking is money.
  4. Sancho Panza Belicoso ATE OCT 18. First Sancho. Very dry smoke, no richness to it. Nice change of pace, but after this first one not one I’m chomping at the bit to acquire more.
  5. We’ve got the water table too. My soon to be 2 year old has discovered he can climb into it and tries to jump off.
  6. It could be an Escogidos, although the band definitely looks more black than red.
  7. To be fair, with the HSA price hike it should have been like $750K, so at $300K, they’re practically giving it away.
  8. +1 to the BPC, or BBF, or Bolivar anything really. The other might be if you have any RyJ from the Churchill series could be a nice way to round out the HSA global brands portfolio. For HU, if you have them, instead of the #2 and Mag 50, I would go Connie 1 and Mag 46 as I think they capture two parts of the HU profile really nicely in a good size.
  9. NL East going from the NL Easy to the most exciting NL division over the course of the last three or four seasons has been really great. If the Mets can get Scherzer and De Grom on the hill in the same rotation, they’re going to be the NL Beast.
  10. Date codes don’t come with the millennium and century (“20” of 2014) no? This should have been a suspicious marking without even knowing release dates.
  11. I tend to draw fairly slowly no matter the vitola, and subsequently hold the smoke for 2-3 seconds. I started thinking about this more as I watched more review vids, where I noticed most seem exhale forcefully almost immediately. When I try that I find I can’t pick flavors as well or get the mouthfeel of the smoke. The latter particularly on some smokes where there’s a certain lushness to it. I find cigar smoking to be a contemplative time to slow down, so slowing and making the whole Motion very deliberate helps me to really enjoy the experience more. Definitely agree that the smoke off the foot tends to allow me to pick subtle notes much more effectively than even retrohaling. Most of the complexity I get is there, and definitely something I’ll focus on between puffs.
  12. We’ve been using thermacell repellents. Work well, but it has to be a completely windless night or else it disperses too much and they don’t work well. FWIW, lighting up a good cigar seems to be just as good.
  13. As someone who’s smoking habits are usually dictated by available time, I’m often smoking a PC or smaller format. They’re not outrageously expensive, so for the price of less than two beers at the local watering hole, I usually get an hour of relaxation time. Cumulative cost of building up a collection over the last two years certainly factors into how much more I want to pile into storage though. I’m not often smoking the big dogs so for me and what I’m usually smoking, cost doesn’t creep into my enjoyment in the moment. And when I do pull out something bigger, it’s usually because I want to dedicate the time to enjoy, so the cost to replicate the experience doesn’t creep in either, I just try to enjoy the moment. I’ve already put the money down to buy these cigars for myself, I’m not going to worry myself with how much someone else might pay for what I’ve got. And when it comes time to replace them, I’ll have the experiences to look back on and evaluate if it’s worthwhile at the current price, whatever it might be, to replace those cigars. As for saving cigars now that they’re pricey, unless you’re going to sell them for sure, it’s like collecting anything. Are you collecting for the sake of owning it, or are you collecting it to enjoy the experience of it? I choose experience, because you never know what tomorrow brings.

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