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An RE Friday with @Nate Chu C&C for a Saturday morning with this Sir Winston from 03. Today is going to be great if this cigar is anything to judge it by. What a super smooth star

First cigar of the year.

C&C ‘14 especiales. Fantastic start to the day C&C with a Monte 4 C&C time today with a Perla picked up from 24:24

2 minutes ago, glaesthetic said:

Handpicked PSD4 rott. I find they are smokable and generally good only the day I get them, then they have to rest. This is fantastic. 

Yes, I find very much the same thing. I pick one out of the box and set it aside and do my best to smoke it that day or put it back for later.

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12 hours ago, Odessa said:
Did you enjoy it? What is the box code and date of production? Thanks.

Nice. Love the no.1 and no.2's especially.
Smoke a lot of them and even quite young they are always great

5 hours ago, Raskol said:
HDM Le Hoyo De San Juan (2016) from our gracious host.

Nice. Love the San juans. Just got a few with my last order in fact

How do they differ with a little age? Mine have all been 2019 and 2020

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1 hour ago, smbauerllc said:

Jose L Piedra Conservss
Actually had these marked for probable deletion from my bookmarks of smokes I have liked.
Not sure why after smoking this one.
Pretty good for such a low price

I agree these aren't bad for what they are... I got chocolate hints, and pretty solid construction. Post a review in the "Cheap & Cheerful" thread.

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