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  1. My first cigar in Barcelona. Flying is rough these days, we had at least 5 delays leaving last night. Today is a recuperation day. Relaxing with a Siglo VI at the rooftop pool/bar at the hotel.
  2. Arriving in Barcelona in the morning, checking into the Mandarin, getting the lay of the land, sleeping off the jet lag at the rooftop pool, and then Bar Canete for dinner. Sunday going to Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and various other sites, and then dinner at L'Olive. Monday, doing a day trip to some nearby village, and then an evening Tapas/Wine pairing tour.
  3. A Siglo VI to mark the first day of my 2 week vacation. First summer in 20 years going abroad instead of the beach house. Usually we only travel in the other 3 seasons.
  4. Hey, having been on vacation with you, I have given you some pretty good cigars. Even at current prices, it's worth it to keep your hands too busy to play the guitar.
  5. In my world, the "moochers" are the occasional cigar smokers, but they are pretty rare. Most of my friends are either cigar smokers or not cigar smokers. The cigar smokers typically have their own cigars, and often give cigars to me, and I give to them, without them asking. The biggest cigar "moocher" in my life is my brother in law. He always wants to smoke one of my cigars with me. Only problem is, he spends so much money on my wife and I, whether it be dinners or golf outings or whatever, that I cant say no, and I cant really call it mooching. It still hurts a little to give away 5 Siglo VIs on vacation with him, but it is what it is.
  6. I like him too, but throw a grill on those teeth and I think we have the makings of a pretty cool 'Spy Who Loved Me' remake. Definitely better than the alternative...
  7. As great as that cigar was, I don't know if any cigar would be worth $4000 a stick to me. After tasting it, I would put my own personal value of $200 a stick on it, which to me, is a lot, but seems like chump change to many these days.😉 But there is nothing quite like getting gifted a cigar of this caliber every once in a while though. 😂
  8. Hey, I've got the cutter in the background, and a nice Media Luna. A tiny fraction of the price. 😀

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