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  1. Wife was sick as a dog for about 10 days. I quarantined with her and never got sick. Go figure.
  2. Never really listened to the Beach Boys much so I'm out on this one.
  3. Wish I knew the factory code on this Cohiba Piramides Extra. Top cigar of the year, so far. Excellent burn, draw flavors, flawless. One of those that you can lay down, wash a car, and pick it back up still lit. This will make you ponder on buying a box at ridiculous prices.
  4. What's sick is forcing someone to watch the view.🤢🤮
  5. I thought your tax burdens were to help improve quality of life? Free health care, and more government programs? I have a few friends from Canada who have came to the U.S. for medical procedures and paid out of pocket due to the wait times for treatment. Not knocking Canada in any way, the US is just as screwed up. Ever since Obamacare came into play, getting a dr. appointment is almost impossible. My brother in law tore a muscle in his shoulder 4 weeks ago and cannot lift his arm. Still hasn't seen a surgeon to schedule an operation to repair it. He will probably lose his job from being out of work for such a long time. It's getting ridiculous everywhere.
  6. Hell, just kill him, don't torture him to death!

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