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  1. Opening day of salmon season tomorrow and 7 days out from my bday so celebrating with a TUA OCT 20 QdO CC and some Glenmorangie 18 extremely rare (which clearly isn’t rare but is damn delicious!)
  2. First and last box purchase for awhile most likely! First box of Connie 2’s, really excited for these. Hoping they’ll fill a void left by the price hikes!
  3. Dude rub and tugs are different than hitting up 67 independent female masseuses DM's and whipping your dick out and busting a nut without consent or provocation on 24 of them. Watson is a sexual predator and I hope he never plays in the league again. Being a sexual predator is different than being a narcissistic asshole and doing half the shit the owners have.
  4. I see pepper as bad cigar blending. Great cigars are retrohaled, and pepper though the nose isnt it.
  5. Epernay’s are my favorite NC, because they smoke damn close to a solid CC!
  6. Sounds like most of the 2018 cigars I’ve smoked!
  7. 2018 898. Started slow, then ascended into brilliance, then half way through began to tunnel incessantly. Bummer on the tunnel but super excited these finally became what they should be, have about 10 more from this box and another full one of ‘18s! Have patience with 898s, these went through about 30 months of mediocrity before the richness and opulence returned!
  8. I thought his pops had a GR. Steph seems to be a cigar guy. With his budget he can get pretty much whatever he wants, I have a feeling they were legit GR's.
  9. I've had 2 boxes, one was awfully plugged and the other has awfully dark wrappers from 2018 that have never tasted all that great. I'm sure I'll LOVE a good box as Upmann one of my top 3 favorites but been crickets so far.
  10. I think if prices come down there’s actually going to be a ton of activity this fall. I think the high inflation could force a lot of people to leave this area (north SF Bay area, average home here is 650-800k) so that could really help inventory and give borrowers incentive to buy when rates are sky high (for recent history and current housing prices). There’s a few different ways this could go, it’ll be an interesting 4-8 weeks trying to figure it out!
  11. Heck yeah Minnesota is so awesome in the summer! Spent many a summer up there, my mom's side of the family all lived in the twin cities!
  12. I think there's going to be a 10-20% dip in the housing market this year, ARM mortgages are coming back, and sellers need to be prepared to give 3-6% concessions to the buyer. Housing prices jumped 10% too much last year with the fed keeping mortgage rates artificially low. So really inflation hit the housing market last year before it hit anything else. Higher rates still do not solve the problem of the chronic shortage of inventory that we face nationwide, so I actually think housing prices will get back to where they are now pretty quickly, within 18-24 months. Really I feel the next 9 months is going to be a chaotic blood bath, then back to normal next spring market. I'm much more of a purchase lender than a refi guy, so there's great opportunities here to pick up market share throughout the chaos!

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