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  1. Great Stuff. The tepid response from the audience is priceless. Burr and Chappelle are still two of my favorites. I think Conan pissed himself...
  2. Perfect Saturday 72F breeze and sunny. 2018 SP2 with a nice wrapper. A firm draw but burning well. Its about time for some wine 🍷
  3. MC#4 from our host. 2019 to boot! The aroma on these were amazing. Even some barnyard… 😯
  4. Shrewd is a better word. its been hard not going deeper on MC#2s since they are frequent stock on 24:24. They have been outstanding lately as well
  5. MC#4 morning C&C. This one is damn good… as usual.
  6. La Fuerza circa 2018? very nice. i have noticed a bit more of a nico hit from SC marca than others with this and La Punta. Both being full flavored as well. Just an observation.
  7. Found a small pile of Connie A inside a tupedor inside a coolidor. circa 2019? Fantastic profile of tobacco deliciousness.
  8. RG Perlas time watching the painters paint. Have a great Memorial Day. Thank you to all the families that have sacrificed for our Freedom. God Bless.
  9. Bolivar PC! “Though she be but little she is fierce”
  10. Punch 48’s have been consistently very good.

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