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  1. It's always interesting to read about Chinese immigrants who engaged in business other than laundry and restaurant (having come from a family that owned both of those stereotypical businesses). I wonder why we never made more of an enduring impact in the US domestic tobacco business?
  2. I've tried various CDB gummies. No discernible effects of any kind. Even at 4-5x the high-potency dosages. Guess it doesn't work on me.
  3. That's a whopper of an ashtray! I keep my nubs and ashes in separate containers. I dump the nubs outside each time but the ashes container can fill up for quite awhile with essentially no odor.
  4. First two doses were Pfizer. Six months later, I took the Moderna booster. Nothing but a little local soreness for 2 or 3 days. I still wear a mask when out
  5. Would someone be so kind as to provide a link to the cartoon in question? All I see is an empty placeholder box. <<Doh, of course the link was right there. Forgive me as I had only had half my coffee at that point>>
  6. At least in the comfort of my own back deck. Anyone else packing up their main home-based/outdoor smoking lounge for the season?
  7. Yikes. Hope you feel better and recover well, Ken. Both of my parents had the shingles (I should get my inoculation soon) and my mother described it as second in misery only to kidney/gallstones.
  8. A man's got to know his limitations. Anything over $125, maybe $150 a bottle would be wasted on me.
  9. Fixed. Should take between 1-3 depending on his constitution.
  10. Fur felt fedora and Panama. I'm a big fan of Akubra hats. Particularly special is this customer made beaver fur by Bob Jessee at Black Sheep Hat Works.
  11. Don't feel too badly. I have extensive chemistry background and I had to google benzoin and tonka beans as well. I'm afraid that this product is too exotic for my pedestrian olfactory senses.
  12. It has been truly eye-opening for me to witness the discussion in this thread. It's one thing to read about the various rationales in support of or opposition to the individual choice or decision to vaccinate. It's another thing altogether to see it unfold in an actual person's words and line of reasoning. For sure, it's difficult trying to see common ground.
  13. Doesn't it entail more than just individual risk, though? Every infection is an opportunity for the virus to mutate into a strain that could evade current vaccines, spread even more easily, or increased virulence. With respect to Covid, individual risk assessment and tolerance overlap with considerations of the greater good. That is, the good of all.

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