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  1. Havent had a cigar in over a week, decided to try something new that i've seen a few people on here recommend. Illusione Epernay. Excellent stick!
  2. I have not. MB3 is my all time favorite cigar so I do want to, just haven't had a chance to pick any up.
  3. Restocking MB3s. Trying out the Epernay. RPs were a freebie.
  4. Oliva Master Blends 3 from 2013. Still my favorite cigar though the JL2 is a damn close 2nd
  5. Ezra Zion. Haven't had one I didn't like yet. Their limited releases can be hard to get and their cigar descriptions come off gimmicky but I tend to stick to their Blending Sessions which make for a great mystery grab bag every time you order
  6. Worst: Epicure #2, unknown date/box. Wind bag, canoed the whole time, terrible experience and my first one at that. Best: 2019 JL2. Whole box has been excellent so far
  7. 70 degrees here and sunny, that is right until I got off work. Figured Id grab something appropriate, so a Good Karma Donkey Droppings from 2013 for whats become a turd of an evening!
  8. Back in the 30s here, but no wind today. ATE May 19 JL2. So good
  9. 65 degree day in February calls for a big cigar. Very windy out so went with a NC

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