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  1. Came home yesterday to find my bundle of rosado Carlotas awaiting me!!! Felt like a kid in a candy store, and am going to do my level best to let them rest. Pretty sure that won't happen, but they're in my 'dor now adjusting to their new home. Thanks for making this happen, FoH! Grateful for the opportunity.
  2. May he RIP, but John Madden (NFL Super Bowl winning coach & longtime TV commentator) would have made for a great cigar reviewer. Leslie Nielson from Naked Gun fame would have been hilarious. For those still living, I think Bill Murray could bring some interesting observations & perspectives to a cigar review. I'd watch Charles Barkley review a cigar, too, even though he kind of brings a "love him or hate him" opinion as a public figure.
  3. Well I had to fake my glee in opening up this one from my wife this morning... I'm blessed in so many ways but this one may land on eBay. Merry Christmas/happy holidays to all here!
  4. Very well played, @Bijan . Quite a palate you got there... Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this comp. LOTS of fun!
  5. Oh yes, very fond memories... The Punch Double Corona was pretty fantastic in it's own right, too. Sorely missed.
  6. That is WICKED cool!!! Thanks for sharing! The pistol is for the trading partner who tries to pawn off a "Fauxhiba" Pyramid for one of your Nudies, LOL.
  7. Me, too... Also, wouldn't the condensation in the summertime get your cigar all wet, too?
  8. Happy Tday @coug28! Nice topic, and here are my "most Thankful three": --Partagas Serie E2; --SLR Regios from TGA JUN 13; --PSD4 Hope everyone has a safe & festive day.
  9. This year we'll be with the wife's parents & sister at their home about 30 minutes away. They're VERY low key and still into board games like Phase 10, etc. That is like shoving toothpicks under my finger nails to me, so I'll probably end up asleep on the couch in front of an NFL game. Will bring a cigar and probably just deal with being judged for courting cancer, etc. If it were up to them we'd be encased in bubble wrap 24/7... But I am grateful to be a part of their family & lucky as hell their daughter said yes, LOL.
  10. 100% agree, and will definitely consult my chosen medical professional before making a decision. Just didn't know if somebody here had been (or is) in a similar position and would be willing to share some knowledge. Not at all recommending a cigar forum for medical decision, and appreciate your guidance here.
  11. Honest question about boosters... I'm a 51 yr old male, healthy (no underlying health conditions outside of liking beer & grilled animal protein), got J&J shot end of March '21. Considering a booster, should I get another J&J or Pfizer? Or, not do anything for the near term? Feel great now, but don't need a possible problem down the road. Thanks!
  12. My cigar #2 must have been a bunkmate to the cigar smoked by @RDB as my tasting notes are nearly identical. The only additions/observations I'll make: 1) Right off the bat I got 5 minutes of a nuttiness that is akin to the almond flavor that is sometimes found in cigars; 2) Middle third transition unmistakenly bitter chocolate, like what you'd experience with a porter beer; 3) Got the nicotine hit, too. Cigar as a whole was medium bodied but with some strength on the final 3rd; Really enjoyed this cigar and outside of just a touchup or two upon the ash falling the construction & draw were perfect. Thanks FOH, really enjoying this blind tasting!

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