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  1. Lovely Mother’s Day celebrating my wife and remembering my mother. Able to take a couple hours on the patio with an 08 Sir Winnie. Wonderful smoke.
  2. Have a wonderful holiday! Will be joined by family and good food later today. Spring is in our neighborhood along with a beautiful Monte Especiales No. 2 from a fantastic OCT 2020 PSP box from our hosts. EDIT- too beautiful a day for just one. Added this BPC from LRE ABR 09. Great day.
  3. Stellar Monte No. 1 at the end of the day with the puppers after a downpour.
  4. This Monte was wonderful. Celebrating with loved ones in such a beautiful location, pausing to reflect and spend time together made it the best of June.
  5. Two gorgeous boxes. First up, Vegas Robaina Famosos - BSM MAY 2020 and...Spanish sourced Montecristo Edmundos from Recent 24/24 - BUP FEB 2018
  6. Bolivar Petite Corona LRE ABR 2009 Another winner from a great box. I find most of the earthiness is gone and leather and fruity sweetness to be the main players with a bit of cocoa and wood, blended just beautifully. Such an enjoyable smoke this morning on the patio with Colombian Huila Region Coffee and cream.
  7. Cohiba Day! CoRo LAT DIC 2017. Spanish sourced 24/24 that are just beautiful. Siglo II EGT JUL 2020
  8. Took the plunge on delivery day with an ENE 2021 RJ Churchill from 1/4 box sales. Beautiful cigar...golden hour sunlight made it look a bit more rosado than it really was but the first pleasant. One of those cigars I wonder how the flavors are packed in there! Rose water, toasted tobacco and hints of cherry. Just so encouraging! Slightly more challenging on the draw but hey, it was ROTT. Second half, all the reasons we don’t/shouldnt or... are encouraged not to expect much from cigars right off the truck. In part I went for it after seeing a 0, 30, 60 day experiment Prez did last year on these and the Monte 2. One thing to read it...I had to live it! No regrets though. It’s been years since I had an RJ Churchill and this just reminded me what I have to look forward to down the road.
  9. Secretos TEB ABR 08 from the recent 24/24. Trinidad Topes Clearance GLE MAR 20 Montecristo Especiales No. 2 UMR OCT 20
  10. First Montecristo Especiales No. 2 for me. Thoroughly enjoyed the delicious sweet and dark cocoa flavors with a bit of cream and occasional baking spice. Wonderful chocolatey, nutty aroma and a great draw paired with morning coffee, beautiful weather and good 2 hour Sunday morning conversation with my wife on the patio. Sorry for the extreme focus pic. Finished working the garden this morning and nobody wants to see my hands/nails at the moment.
  11. Last of a 2009 Siglo III cab. This one was past its peak for me, but a pleasant smoke nonetheless. Grass and hay with notes of honey and vanilla.
  12. Welcome. Still have travels to Cuba and a visit to a brick and mortar on the bucket list.
  13. I too enjoyed the Padron Anniversary series and Ashton VSG were another. I still think there are some wonderful NCs, but my advice as an admittedly inexperienced guide would be this; some of my favorite CC are much more moderate in strength but more complex and/or definitive in flavors. One of the best parts of CCs is the journey in trying different brands and sizes. To start, I'm a fan of going with a few different petite coronas, not a particularly a costly entry point and you can get some very different strengths and flavor profiles. If you don't want to do a full sampler of a particular vitola (size) OR if you are worried you'll have a single dud or an insufficient sample size with a single cigar from one brand, consider buying three singles of a few of the cigars available in the singles cart. The petit corona sampler is a great start in my opinion. Stock dependent, you're looking at something from Montecristo, Bolivar, H. Upmann, Romeo y Julieta, Diplomatico, Por Larrañaga, Rafael Gonzalez or perhaps even a Cohiba Siglo. There are some wonderful differences to experience in these brands (marcas). I have my favorites in this group, but some are different than what I would probably have been advised that would fit my taste. Even now, one of the things I really enjoy is being able to rotate through very different flavor profiles amongst different brands. Another good option for some excellent cigars is to do a piramid sampler. Nothing against Robustos (they have a sampler here too and there are some great ones), but there are some very special cuban piramides like the Monte 2, Diplomatico 2, Vegas Robaina Unico, Bolivar Belicoso Finos, Partagás Series P No 2, etc. Good luck!
  14. I can relate to some of the posts about not having a permanent top five. Seasonal changes influence this in part but right now these seem to be amongst those I enjoy more frequently. BPC Siglo I Monte 2 Monte Edmundo R&J Short or Wide Churchill
  15. A few arrivals! Montecristo Supremos EL Siglo VI Clearance TLE OCT 20 Montecristo No 1 GEL OCT 20
  16. Thanks again to @El Presidente and @MoeFOH for these beauties, the prize for the Vitola Veterans Review Week #2: Piramide/Petit Corona! Look at these! Just a lovely Box of Quai d'Orsay 50! Cheers!
  17. Montecristo Edmundo from an HQ 1/4 box ...maybe May/June 20? Very pleasant cigar, light cocoa and some cream undertones but dominate flavor was a pleasant light toasted tobacco. Lovely wrapper with a solid draw but will allow the others to rest for a while as I look for that wonderfully rich flavor to develop.
  18. Been eyeing a Sir Winston for a while. Might be the weekend to make it happen.
  19. Welcome...likewise have learned so much from the folks on the forum here.
  20. "The quiet ritual and relaxation"...absolutely. Welcome to FOH!
  21. SOA Oct 2007 SLRDC. Delicious stone fruit and cream.
  22. An absolutely stellar BPC from an older box. Didn’t want it to end. Voluminous smoke, wonderful fruit sweetness enveloping leather and wood. Fantastic draw, very good burn with just a bit of unevenness at the final third. Just a fantastic cigar.

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