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  1. Weekend lineup. 08 RJ, some nudies and other customs and some Japanese whiskies. I stopped buying Japanese stuff a few years ago when prices shot up but I was told these are all great for the money
  2. Couple from this weekend Opus shark MAR MAR 20 Sig 2
  3. I 2nd this, I love all Opus and wish I could write such a review.
  4. Weekend lineup… MEG OCT 15 HU 2 ROA JUL 11 fundadores Fuente rare pink
  5. Have to save it for tomorrow, early morning ahead with kids sports. Will pick something sweet for tomorrow, just in case.
  6. Hopefully they both make a deep run in the tournament. I’ve got some great cigars lined up if they do!
  7. Tennessee has been unpredictable away from home so we will see.
  8. Sig 2 for some early evening basketball watching UAO AGO 19
  9. Custom roll with some mezcal and lime juice this evening
  10. Could be a good weekend if the weather stays warm...
  11. Weekend lineup… this years nudies , 2019 nudie and a recent production anejo 46 vs an original release 46. Interested to see the change.
  12. A 2011 Monte 4 recently gifted to me. It was fantastic.

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