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  1. These have legs to age beautifully .. superb right now ..
  2. Here is mine . Been in my humidor for over 10 years. No idea where and how I got it..
  3. As it’s getting cold here in the north east I decided to smoke a PSD5. I was super excited as this was a MAR box code and expected greatness. Construction - Flawless. Best I have had in a while. See the pics. Taste- this is a PSD4 on steroids. Sourdough, Paprika and some mild sweetness. Not a transitional stick but it was a flavor bomb till the nub. I didn’t want it to end even though it started getting cold. I will rate this 8/10 for a young stick and potential to become an excellent cigar in 2 years. Glad I picked a box. Thanks for reading my review folks !
  4. Interesting you like tannic flavors. Usually they are bitter and not enjoyable for me.
  5. Those opus X’s will taste phenomenal given the age in them.. 🤞
  6. Good young cigar.. these need age for greatness. Just have to remember to smoke these really slow..
  7. This is meditative smoke. Good now but will become great in 3-5 years..
  8. If you got these smoke them now. I think they have peaked and are not getting any better.
  9. PSdP in the house.. look like PSP and smell wonderful.
  10. I have no idea how I acquired this Taboadas custom horse tail but Its been in my humidor at least 10 years. I thought it maybe crap by now but I was SO WRONG. It is a contender for top 5 cigar this year. So smooth and milk chocolate and raisins throughout. Best of July 2021
  11. Interesting cigar - 89 for first 2 thirds and 95 for last third. I won’t be touching this box for few years now..
  12. I have smoked 5 sticks from 2020 ( light and dark PSP) all had a tight draw and average at best. Monte 2 are notorious for construction. My luck !
  13. If its too fresh it may not taste well. Age it 90 days before smoking any cigar.
  14. That’s a shame. Every stick I have had so far was excellent.

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