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  1. They were discontinued so people would buy Topes at double the price a few years later
  2. That makes a lot more sense - a 48hr lockdown would achieve nothing.
  3. I ventured out to Costco today (Silicon Valley). It was pretty busy but not crazy. Seeing more people wearing masks and gloves now. Notable sold out items were flour, rice, and potatoes. Water and paper products were available, but limited to one case per customer. I haven't seen gasoline this cheap in years - $2.75/Gallon for premium
  4. My wife just forwarded me a picture of a $400 ticket from Newport Beach, CA for violating the shelter in place order. Kudos for actually enforcing things! Someone should start doing that in South Padre Island
  5. Shelter in place and I’m looking for a new job - not the greatest time to be searching right now but I am averaging one phone interview a day and had a verbal offer (though the written one seems to be delayed). Board games, working out on my elliptical and/or rowing machine. Walks in the woods. Will step up my booze sales so I don’t have to dip into the savings too much while out of work. Most of the cigars I wanted to sell are thankfully already gone. Still plenty left to smoke.
  6. The problem is that those idiots will spread the disease around before they get Darwined...
  7. Yeah, why not... I’m burning through the remainder of my RE/HTF stash anyway as I am focusing my collection on regular production. Good stick, but the Punch 898 I had yesterday (sorry, no pic) was way better.
  8. The marketing is in poor taste, IMO. That’s not the reason I don’t buy any JSK, though. I didn’t care for the guys online persona (on FB) and the (gifted) sticks I tried were run of the mill NC - there’s a billion out there.
  9. All schools in the district now closed until April 13. Wife got full refund from Airbnb in NYC for a trip she had booked for late March without even requesting it. I haven’t dared to go into any stores since last weekend since I didn’t want to be trampled to death Where we live we always need to maintain a healthy stash of non-perishable items due to fire and earthquake danger plus frequent power outages so we’re good for a few weeks.
  10. Yes, seen this dangerous and false list posted on many websites and groups already (Nextdoor, Facebook, ...)
  11. I’m with Ken and others here - entire countries shutting down and governments implementing travel bans are anything but media hype. In fact, those measures probably should have been taken earlier (in hindsight). I still don’t get why people hoard toilet paper of all things, though. You can send all the brussel sprouts to me - love that stuff
  12. My issue with it is simply that gold is just way too soft for this usage.

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