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  1. I've been cozying up to marcas and vitolas that I once passed over and have been learning to appreciate them more. My EL/RE stock is gone, my PSP/HQ regular production stock is my new EL/RE, and Value brands are my new regular production. It's all just a matter of perspective, I guess. Put another way, I'm panning for smaller and smaller nuggets of gold in an ever-increasingly muddy riverbed. It's there though and that's what keeps me going.
  2. I run my Aristocrat at 65% and rarely, if ever, see mold on my personal stock. That being said, I’ve smoked many cigars from which I’ve brushed off mold and they’ve been just fine. In fact, if I’m being honest, sometimes moldy cigars have tasted better.
  3. Today I turned 40 so I celebrated with my favorite smoke and my favorite drink! A HdM DC and many Cuba Libre.
  4. My favorite post of the year … every year! Thanks, @El Presidente!
  5. I subscribe to the belief that a longer ash helps to moderate the heat and thereby positively influence the flavors of the cigar. That combined with a slow, relaxed pace of smoking creates an optimal experience. Side note: I also believe, probably without a basis in fact, that a whiter ash is a sign of a quality tobacco. I've had some terrible cigars with dark gray ash and spectacular cigars with snow-white ash so that's been my experience!
  6. First time buying NCs in a long, long time so I went with some safe bets: Padrón 1964 Anniversary Exclusivos Tatuaje (Miami) Selección de Cazador Noellas Padron was the easiest buy because I had smoked them before but I don't remember them having this much peppery bite or leather on the palate. That's what smoking CCs exclusively for many years will do, I suppose! These Patrons are still good nonetheless when that spicy flavor profile is desired. The Tatuaje Miami Noellas on the other hand ... WOW! These share more than a little of their flavor profile with some of the most popular CCs. They may not have the "Cuban twang" but there is a familiar "tinge." Extra credit goes to Tatuaje for even mimicking a SLB, complete with factory code and date. Speaking of, there's only one factory these are made in so there's only one factory code: El Rey de los Habanos in Miami. I've had the Regios and Especiales as well and they are both equally as excellent.
  7. Annual tradition: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade … Pasta and Wine … Dallas Cowboys football! Cigar: Probably a HdM Mag 54
  8. How does that heat lamp hold up outside on a patio? I’ve been thinking about grabbing one too!
  9. Had to come on and comment because I’ve been trying NCs lately to supplement (or rather extend) my CC collection. I haven’t had NCs for many years so it’s been like starting over for me. Anyway, I just had an Oliva Serie V Double Robusto that I couldn’t even get past the first 3rd. The pepper and bite just burned my whole palate. Waited an hour or so and tried a Padron Londres Maduro that is a bit more complex and flavorful, and just a little less peppery. Now Tatuaje Miami on the other hand … one Especiales and I was scouring the internet to score two boxes. That was a stick I could have sworn was Cuban!
  10. Despite all precautions taken, my two daughters tested positive today for BOTH Covid-19 and H1N1 flu. You heard right … we have both of the last worldwide viral pandemics in our house right now. This might be the last cigar I’ll taste for awhile … OLU OCT 14 Bolivar Tubos No. 1
  11. Took the ferry out to Catalina Island for a day in the sun and sand … and a Bolivar Tubo No. 1. It’s from 2014 or so; I can’t recall and the Mai Tai aren’t helping.
  12. From the Fourth of July … ‘98 Punch Churchill Tubo courtesy of @Habana Mike 🇺🇸
  13. There are several in Texas too. I had an opportunity to purchase a custom lounge trailer for about $40k. I should have jumped on it. Even without any business that’s a decent price for a personal indoor lounge for colder/hotter months. In the article, the guys converting the trailer into a lounge said they were only going to stock the humidor with “higher” quality cigars. In the photos, you see that consists of ACID and Ghurka. 😑
  14. I’m full of contradictions … I don’t get the CoRo, but I get the Siglo II. I don’t get the HU Mag 46, but I get the HU Mag 50. As for Monte 2, I don’t get any Montes. Not a single one. Garbage leather flavor and inconsistent. Give me a Dip 2 because while they may be inconsistent, but only slightly less so, they also don’t break the bank. BBF, on the other hand, is my favorite piramide of all time. Best Bolivar as far as I’m concerned too!
  15. My favorite things: cigars and guitars! Bolivar Corona Gigantes PUR DIC 15 courtesy of @JZBdano.
  16. I’m big fan of boozy and fruity Tiki drinks and this was my first attempt at a Zombie! Pairs great with a Bolivar Corona Extra (POS ABR 07) courtesy of @inter4alia too!
  17. 1996 RyJ “Prince of Wales” courtesy of @La_Tigre … Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  18. I really enjoyed it ... 11 years age doesn’t hurt! I heard the des Dieux was discontinued years ago, so my hopes for another one in the future are not high!
  19. HdM “Le Hoyo des Dieux,” LAG MAY 10, courtesy of @inter4alia. My first “des Dieux” and probably my last!
  20. Our Boston Terrier, Stella. She’s so smart, she knows when I grab a cigar from the humidor, my next stop is to grab a bone for her. I mean, she’ll hear my Aristocrat door open from across the house and will come running full-speed, jumping ottomans and sliding under chairs. She a really special dog. I can’t even imagine life without her.
  21. I assumed for years they were gimmicks and therefore not any good; this post verified my assumption! Now if Habanos ever makes a line of NFL themed cigars, I’ll be the first sucker to bite ...

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