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  1. Fantastic review, great story, thoughtful words and beautiful pictures @Connoisseur Kim!
  2. Mon 2. My thinking was, If I only could smoke one of these cigars going forward which one would it be.
  3. Picked up some NC while on a trip. I've only had the La Ley before which is a little gem.
  4. Haven't read the full thread so apologies if this may be a duplicate but the new prices hit Italy yesterday. The prices increased from approx USD 18 for a Trinidad Vigia to USD 55. CORO went from 34 to 76. One shop owner told me that they didn't expect to sell any of these brands at those prices and that the distributor would come and pick up all the cigars later this year that were unsold. I don't know if those were/are official instructions or just what they believe will happen, because the cigars would otherwise just sit unsold for a long time. Just speculation but maybe all unsold cigars will be shipped off to UK/ME/HK eventually.
  5. It became a ritual to listen to Metallica throughout my (daily) training during the Fat Bastard Competition a few months ago. Gets an extra point for that: 7 / 10.
  6. It's one of the best movies (and particularly in the SciFi genre) ever made and I think many agree that it has aged pretty well for being 40 years old.
  7. Bought a couple of sticks from a B&M a few days ago from a box dated 2019. I had one and wasn't impressed but was planning on going to buy more since they were pretty cheap.
  8. It's an excellent cigar worthy of all kinds of accolades but nothing I could smoke every day. It's not that type of cigar.
  9. Montecristo 5 are flavorful and smooth or if you could accept Upmann with a slightly larger RG the half corona is a great morning smoke imo
  10. Tasty NC custom. 56 RG. Sweetest cigar I've had in a long time.
  11. I've not had a wow experience yet, smooth and pleasant seems to be the thing.
  12. Thank you for hosting this competition Pres, it was a great challenge. Well done to everyone. Now for my special treat after 3+ months of craving.
  13. Another custom NC. Buttery sweet popcorn, cinnamon, nutmeg, very bready taste. Canonazo approx 150mm and 52/54 RG. Not the slightest pepper. Draw excellent.
  14. It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out short and long-term.
  15. Custom NC with Nudies vibes. Should be a blend of Nicaragua with sth else but it's "confidentiaal". The taste is very familiar, coffee and sweetness with cubanasque qualities too. Lancero size. Really nice.
  16. It's a body composition scale, which is then linked to an app on my phone. Excellent to track weight and a ton of measurements are given, to see the results over a period of time. I found it excellent and very useful for this comp.
  17. Took some time to aquire the taste and once I felt "I get it", it went into the regular rotation. I've wanted to try a GR BFF and still on the hunt for a stick.
  18. It's tobacco freckles... Could be some type of tobacco disease or virus, maybe even caused by insects, or who knows if some chemical caused it. Does not look terrible but agree that quality control should have not let this one through.
  19. I have found on a couple of occasions that the money value of BHKs is so high compared to the sticks to trade it's not worth it from an experience point of view. What I mean is a single BHK 56 valued at $150-200 (actual purchasing price is not taken into account) trades for a box of 10 reasonably excellent cigars like a P2. SO trading 1,5 hours vs 15 hours of bliss is simply not worth it. The situation get even more bizarre if trading for half a box (worth like 2 boxes 25 x Rio Seco) or a full box (worth 100 Mon 2s). I am glad to have Behikes (smoked a 52 yesterday that was a 95-96) but I am not getting more unless I can buy at retail price. I guess it's all about perspective though...
  20. Got me some D4s to put away. The 10er has some of the most beautiful wrappers I've seen (the picture doesn't do it justice).

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