Your Cigar of April 2021?

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1995 Punch Double Corona. Pure cigar bliss! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Cohiba Sig VI GR - almost a 100 pointer. Vanishingly close. Work Anniversary, fully vested!

Dip2 RAT JUL 20. I was going to put these away for a couple of years but tried one. Then another, and another etc etc. I now have 17 left... Sent by spooky action at a distance  

Punch Punch 48 Habanos Specialist Exclusive 2017


imported a BOX from Spain my self

Enjoyed one while drinking Casamigos tequila (not the picture)

It was like a one night stand with the girl you were looking at all night

Because when it came down to the final half, i started to miss it already....

Smoke out put max

Puff of marshmallows milk chocolate little leather and cream in your mouth.

to be specific

2 left


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BBF that caught me by surprise, which was tied with a 2019 Epi2 that was just perfect. Perfect everything. Two totally different but memorable experiences.

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6 hours ago, KavalanWhisky said:

Did a blind taste test with the boys and guessed it was a Bolivar of my favourite sticks.....turns out it was a Mag 50 from 2019 and I never rate the Mag 50, always prefer the 48 and 54.... I bought a box of the Mag 50 off the back of strange it is when you smoke something without the bands and have to gauge size and tastes from it....

Agreed, recent Mag 50’s have been pretty amazing.

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