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  1. When the forum owner and vendor lists Montecristo no. 2 for under retail price and yet you still complain and call the cigars outrageously overpriced you deserve pushback. The opinion isn't reasonable at all. There is no gratitude or appreciation instead <moderated>. I'll revisit this thread in a few years and you will all still be here complaining.
  2. Outrageous? Lmfao. No extremely reasonable. Unfortunately for the buyers they are here sitting reading all of this conjecture and complaining and just haven’t come to terms yet but it’s inevitable. The cope here is tremendous.
  3. An absolute steal especially since they can’t be found lol
  4. Prices only go up not down. In a year from now more people will wish they purchased at the current prices that they are now complaining about. Happens every time. I’m in the camp of smoke less but smoke better. I love your analogy to burgundy. How many people here are complaining about buying a box of Esplendidos when they would have no issue spending the same on a beautiful bottle of wine or scotch. The sky isn’t falling and Cuba isn’t folding. Habanos isn’t going to lose all of their customers they will just smoke different brands within the portfolio. Cohiba is a luxury it always was. In fact Cubans in general are a luxury. Now it’s just ultra luxury. No one is going anywhere. Im sorry but a box of Monte 2 is still extremely reasonable to purchase right here from Rob and it’s a million times better than any non Cuban cigar. It reminds me of election time here in the US when the liberals say they’re moving to Canada if the conservative candidate wins. They never go. .
  5. Great cigar, 2018-2020 El Laguito production on these have been great!
  6. That’s so sad. Special guy who will be missed by all. I’ll smoke a Monsdale for you tonight!
  7. Union Humidors. I was lucky enough to acquire a custom one to store my Monsdales in. high quality. They do work for the Habanos festivals.
  8. True artisans that create the most incredible cigar cases: Artigiani Del Re
  9. Plugged cigars don’t get lit and go into the humi for years until I try again. Tight draws get the perfect draw tool. Good resistance is my preference. I tossed around 20 or so cigars this year because they were flavorless wind tunnels. I have zero tolerance for wind tunnels.
  10. Here only on a positive test, exposure doesn’t count. So a household member can have COVID and you can still work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. So blessed to live in the free state of Florida! Life here is wonderful. My kids are light years ahead of others these days. Luckily they moved us here in the USA, Feds, from 10 days to 5 days so when you count 5 from onset of symptoms employees don’t miss too much time. Honestly Omicron has been a blessing here because my staff is out for a lot less time and with much less symptoms compared to the last delta wave. Economy here is absolutely booming and people are flooding to move down here for the freedom.

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