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  1. Throw another band on, and it'd be a $50 smoke. Jl1s are da bomb.
  2. Jeanff took first place. And remains reigning champ.
  3. No problems here with the 20-21 Monte 1s. All have smoked perfectly. The Monte 3s though? All over the map. Most "meh," some good, all hard to keep lit. So far, I much prefer the 1s over the 3s that I've had -- flavor and construction.
  4. Impressive. If I had FU money, it'd be my on "want" list.
  5. Not in my opinion, especially JL1. I'm puffing one right now, and I find it bready, creamy, rich and smoooove. Frankly, I don't find any CCs that strong though. But I think JL would acceptable for a beginner. Not too complex, which is wasted on a beginner, and still gets to the essence. Party shorts might be a good one for the list too. Not intimidating, gets to the sweet spot fast, and really captures the Partagas profile without requiring much patience. The D4's are a hell of a good Party rep, and you've got that, but petite coronas are an easy grab for a virgin palate.
  6. JL1 (MGL JUL 21). Yeah, I'm a fanboy anyway. But I'll be damned if these guys don't always punch above their weight.
  7. Good news? Those Punch Punch coming your way are incredible. Otherwise, stay the course! Don't let the optimists get you down.
  8. Happy Bday, John, We share the day! Mine too. Have a good one!

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